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pharmacology- ch2

Drug Design, Testing, Manufacturing & Marketing / chapter 2

The name GIVEN to a drug when it is created is called the generic name
A generic name is recognized by being: 1. Lower cased 2. Usually hard to pronounce 3. Sometimes in parentheses
The nick-name given to the generic drug so consumers will remember it easily is called the trade name or brand name or product name
The trade name is recognized by being: 1. Capitalized 2. Easy to pronounce 3. May have a registered mark
Trade name medications & their generic equivalent must contain exactly the same amount of active ingredients
Active ingredients are designed to provide the therapeutic(beneficial) effect
Ingredients permitted to vary from generic & trade name drugs are called inert(inactive) ingredients
Inert(inactive) ingredients include: 1. Binders 2. Fillers 3. Preservatives 4. Antioxidants 5. Buffers
Pharmacists are permitted to substitute the generic drug for a prescribed trade name drug unless the prescribing physician requests "no substitutions" or "dispense as written(DAW)"
The dosage margin between the therapeutic effect & toxic effect is called the therapeutic index(TI)
A large initial dose of medication to quickly reach the TI is called a loading dose or bolus
A drug form that exerts no pharmacological effect, no therapeutic effect, & has no side effects when administered is called a placebo ("sugar pill")
All NEW pharmaceutical drugs are protected by a patent lasting 17 years
A drug patent means that no other company can manufacture or market an identical drug
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