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Leading Figures

Chapter 30

Chapel a room, sometimes inside a larger church,set aside for prayer or worship.
proportion the relative size of things, such as the length of an arm compared to the whole body.
engraving a print of an image that has been engraved, or etched, in a hard surface, such as metal.
woodcut a print of an image that has been carved in wood.
axis an imaginary line drawn through a sphere, or ball, such as Earth
dissect to cut/separate the parts of a living thing for scientific study
New World the name given by Europeans to the Americas
subject a person under the rule of a monarch
playwright an author of plays
armada a large fleet of ships
comedy an amusing play with a happy ending
tragedy a serious play with a sad ending
satire a work that uses sharp humor to attack people or society
Created by: Mrs. Stickel