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ESL Sort

Praxis Study materials 2

Behaviorist Theory of Language Learning Claims that children enter the world as a blank slate and then are influenced by their environment.
What is this an example of? I'm Kike. I go a Washington DC de las vacation My hija lives there. Code-switching
Which of the following is the professional organization that supports teachers of second language learners? TESOL
Which of the following is a model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs of English Language Learners? Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
The study of morphemes may provide the student with: Grammatical Information
A fifth grader has completed one year in the ESOL program but does not seem to be progressing. Which of the following might indicate a learning disability? Ability to decode successfully but difficulty in comprehension.
Realia often are used in classrooms. Which one of the following would be a valid example of realia for teaching fractions? A pizza
What is the main purpose of Title I? To provide funds to states to support programs for students who need help in math and reading.
In Lau v. Nichols, the Supreme Court ruled that: Students were denied an "equal" education.
The No Child Left Behind Act established that: High performing children cannot be used to average out low-performing ELLs.
The No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to: Give assessment in English if the LEP has received 3 years of schooling in the United States.
Cognitive Theory of Language Learning: Holds that a child learns language in the same way as he learns other biological functions.
An ELL suspected of having learning difficulties: Should be analyzed for up to ten weeks using ESL methods and techniques.
Which of the following is NOT an acceptable alternative assessment strategy for ELLs? Essay writing
The affective filter affects how students acquire a second language because: Learning a second language may make the learner feel vulnerable.
In the following sentence "Mary had a few friends: which word is an example of a countable common noun? friends
In the English language all inflections are: Suffixes attached to the verb
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