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culinary flashwords.

What do microorganisms need to grow? (FATTOM) food acidity time temperature oxygen moisture
TDZ stands for what? temperature danger zone
what is the temperature danger zone? 41-135
how much percent of moisture is in all food? 0.85
how much acidity is ideal for bacterial growth? 7.5-4.6
what bacteria is caused from contaminated water and causes diarrhea? campy. (Campylobacter jejuni)
what bacteria is caused from poultry coming in contact with feces and urine and causes vomiting. must be excluded from work. (eggs) salmonella
what bacteria is caused from improper hand washing. keyword: flies. must be excluded from work shigella
what bacteria is caused from deli meats and hot dogs. dangerous for newborns and pregnant women listeria (listeria monocytogenes)
caused from raw oysters. V.P.
can kill people. caused from raw oysters. V.V.
comes from grains, such as rice and cereal bacillus cereus
comes from meat salads and deli meats. keyword: face staph infection
what bacteria causes double vision? botulism
what bacteria is found in stews and gravies? perfringens
what bacterian is found in ground beef and you must be excluded from work? E-Coli
Created by: Keri Renai