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Servsafe Culinary

What is a illness-causing microorganism? Pathogen
What is time-temperature abuse? When food stays out too long at temperatures that are good for pathogen growth
What is the Temperature danger zone? 41-135
How much time can we keep food in the Temperature danger zone? 4 hours
What does FAT TOM stand for? F:Food A:Acidity T:Temperature T:Time O:Oxygen M:Moisture
Bacteria can grow with or without what? Oxygen
What are Food borne Infections? Food that has already been spoiled
What are Food borne Intoxications? A person eats food containing toxins that cause illness
What are Food borne Toxin-Mediated Infections? A person eats foods containing pathogens, which then produce illness-causing toxins in the intestines
What is the ideal pH range for bacterial growth? 7.5-4.6
What is a food borne illness? Disease transmitted to people by food
What are the three bacteria which you must be excluded from work? E.Coli, Shigella, and Salmonella
What is the water activity level for most potentially hazardous foods? .85
What is a foodborne-illness outbreak? Incident in which two or more people experience the same illness after eating the same food
What are 3 costs of foodborne illness? Embarrassment, loss of costumers, and loss of reputation
What are 3 biological hazards? Bacteria, viruses, and parasites
What are 3 chemical hazards? Pesticides, food additives, and cleaning supplies
What are 3 physical hazards? Hair, dirt, and metal staples
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with poultry, Campylobacter jejuni
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with Poultry and eggs, one of my symptoms are vomiting, and you can prevent me with proper cooking. Salmonella spp
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with potato/pasta salads, to prevent me just wash hands often, and control flies. Shigella spp
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with deli meats and cheeses, i cause pregnant woman to miscarriage, and i grow in a cool environment. Listeria monocytogenes
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with oysters raw, and i cause nausea and vomiting. Vibro parahaemolyticus
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with oysters raw, and i have two different kinds of illnesses? Vibro vulnificus
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with cooked rice and i cause nausea and vomiting. and Bacillus cereus
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with deli meats and to cause me touch your hair or face after washing your hands. Staphylococcus aureus
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with improper canned foods, i cause double vision and weakness. Clostridium botulinum
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with stews and gravies, i cause diarrhea, and to prevent me cool and reheat food properly. Clostridium perfringens
Who am i? I am an bacteria associated with ground beef, i am caused by improper cooking, and cause diarrhea. Escherichia Coli
What do viruses do? Usually contaminate food through a foodhandler’s improper hygiene
What are the two major foodborne illness caused by viruses? Hepatitis A and Norovirus Gastroenteritis
Who am i? I am an virus associated with contaminated waters, i cause jaundice, and to prevent wear gloves. Hepatitis A
Who am i? I am an virus associated with ready-to-eat food, i am mostly found on cruise ships, if diagnosed with me you must be excluded from work. Norovirus
What are parasites? Are living organisms that need a host to survive
Who am i? I am an parasite associated with herring and i cause you to cough up worms. Anisakis simplex
Who am i? I am an parasite associated with fruits and i am cause by a contaminated water source. Cyclospora cayetanensis
Who am i? I am an parasite associated with contaminated produce, cause weight loss, and i am usually found on a farm. Cryptosporidium parvum
Who am i? I am an parasite associated with improperly treated water and i cause nausea. Giardia duodenalis
Who am i? I am an fish toxin associated with tuna and i cause burning/tingling sensation in throat, sweating, and headaches. Scrombroid poisoning
Who am i? I am an fish toxin associated with snapper and cause tingling in fingers, lips, toes, nausea, and joint muscle pain. Ciguatoxin
What are the 3 foodborne contaminants? Biological, chemical, and physical
What are biological toxins? May be produced by pathogens found on food, may occur naturally in plants or animals
What are 3 biological contaminants? Fish toxins, shellfish toxins, plant and mushroom toxins
What are the 2 fish toxin illnesses? Scrombroid poisoning and ciguatera fish poisoning
What are the 3 shellfish toxin illnesses? Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning(PSP), Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning(NSP), and Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning(ASP)
Who am i? I am an shellfish toxin associated with clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops; i cause nausea, tingling of mouth, dizziness and to prevent me purchase shellfish from approved suppliers. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning(PSP)
Who am i? I am an shellfish toxin associated with clams, mussels, and oysters; vomiting, and i cause reversal of hot and cold sensations. Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning(NSP)
Who am i? I am an shellfish toxin associated with calms, mussels, oysters, and scallops; i cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and later could possibly cause memory loss and coma. Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning(ASP)
What are mushroom toxins? Cause severe illness and can not be destroyed or frozen
What are toxic metals? They are chemical toxins; toxic metal poisoning can happen when: utensils or equipment containing toxic metals are used to prepare food
How can you prevent toxic metal poisoning? Use food-grade utensils and equipment to prepare and store food
What do you do with chemical toxins? Store away from food, utensils, and equipment; and label them properly if they are transferred to new containers
What are physical contaminants? Foreign objects accidentally introduced into food: fingernails, hair, or dirt
What are 5 common food allergens? Milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, and shellfish
What are 4 symptoms of food allergens? Tightening in the throat, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and death
What is cross contact? Allergens being transferred to food that is served to a customer
How can cross contact occur? By using the same oil for frying shrimp and chicken or putting chocolate chip cookies on the same parchment that was used for peanut butter cookies
What are 3 Chemical contaminants? Toxic metal poisoning, chemicals, and pesticides
What are 3 Physical contaminants? Metal shaving from cans, staples, fingernails, hair, and bandages.
What are plant toxins? Under cooked kidney beans, are present in toxic plants such as fool's parsley or wild turnips, and are in honey from bees that harvest from toxic plants.
What are 3 ways to contaminate food? Have a foodborne illness, have infected wounds or cuts, or live with, or exposed to, a person who is ill.
What are 3 behaviors that can contaminate food? Scratching the scalp, touching hair, or wearing a dirty uniform.
What are 3 components of good personal hygiene? Maintaining personal cleanliness, wearing proper work attire, or avoiding unsanitary habits and actions.
How long should the proper handwashing procedure take? 20 seconds
How long do you vigorously scrub hands and arms for? 10 to 15 seconds
When should hand antiseptics be used? After handwashing
What are 6 times foodhandlers must wash their hands? After using the restroom, after toughing hair, face, or body, sneezing, taking out garbage, clearing tables, and touch anything that may contaminate hands.
When using gloves for handling food they must be what? For single use only, fit properly, used properly, and never used in place of handwashing.
When should you replace gloves? As soon as they become soiled or torn, before beginning a different task, at least every four hours, and after handling raw meat.
What do you do if the foodhandler has a sore throat with fever? Restrict the employee from working with or around food and exclude the employee from the establishment if you primarily serve a high-risk population.
What do you do if the foodhandler has vomiting, diarrhea, and/or jaundice? Exclude the employee from the establishment.
What do you do if a foodhandler has been diagnosed with a foodborne illness caused by Salmonella Typhi, Shigella spp., Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, Hepatitis A virus, or Norovirus? Exclude the employee from the establishment and notify the local regulatory agency.
How can you keep food safe? Prevent cross-contamination and prevent time-temperature abuse.
What are two physical barriers you can create between food products? Assign specific equipment to each type of food, clean and sanitize work surfaces, equipment, and utensils after each task.
What are two procedural barriers you can create between foods? Prepare raw meat, fish, and poultry and ready-to-eat food at different times and purchase ingredients that require minimal preparation.
Created by: JordanM16
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