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this is the first powerpoint questions for chef goodman at rca

What is the defination of a foodborne illness out break it is when two or more people experience the same illness after eating the same food
What is a foodborne illness it is a illness carried or transmitted to people by food
What are 3 cost of a foodborne 1.loss of prestige and reputation 2.lawsuits resulting in legal fees 3.increased insurance premiums
who are at high risk for foodborne illnesses infants and preschool-age children, pregnant women, elderly people, people taking certain medications, people who are seriously ill
What food has rapid growth of microorganisms fish, milk and milk products, poultry, shellfish and crustacea, meat:beef pork lamb
What are 5 biological hazards Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and toxins
What are 4 chemical hazards pesticides, food additives, cleaning supplies, toxic metal
What are 3 physical hazards Hair, dirt, metal staples
What are some ways food can become unsafe Time-Temperature abuse, cross-contamination,poor personal hygiene
When had food be abused anytime it has been allowed to remain too long at a temperature favorable to the growth of foodborne microorganisms
What is cross-contamination it is when microorganisms are transferred from one foo or surface to another
Created by: blackfirelx