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Ancient Egypt stuff

acronym for ancient cities along the Nile River MTAEiNMK
What does MTAEiNMK stand for? Miroku, Tanuki, Ayame, Entei, inuyasha, Naraku, Miko, Kagome
acronym for modern cities along the Nile River PsAC
What does Psac stand for? Public service Announcement Crew
acronym for ancient monument sites along the Nile River GLAs
What does GLAs stand for? Glass=Light And sand
How many cataracts are there along the Nile River? six
Where is the ARABIAN Desert? In Saudi ARABIA.
Where is the LIBYAN Desert? West, like LIBYA.
Why is the Blue Nile closer to the ocean, on the west? because it's blue and therefore closer to the ocean
What is the Mediterranean Sea to the Nile? its mouth
Which direction does the Nile River flow? north
Which two rivers meet to form the Nile River? the White Nile and the Blue Nile
What three small lakes are at the start of the White Nile? Lake Albert, Lake George, and Lake Edward
At what lake does the Blue Nile begin? Lake Victoria
Near what city do the two Niles meet? Khartoum
In what country does the Nile end? Egypt
In what country does the Blue Nile begin in? Ethiopia
At six places along the Nile's winding course what two things force its waters through narrow channels? stone cliffs and boulders
What does the rushing water form? waterfalls and rapids called cataracts
What does the first cataract mark? the southern boundary of ancient Egypt
How far does the Nile flow north from the first cataract? 600 miles
What is a triangle of marshy wetlands called? a delta
What did farmers depend on flooding for? to water their crops and provide silt
silt a fertile mud
What did the Egyptians divide the year into? three seasons
What were the three seasons that the Egyptians divided the year into? the inundation season, the planting season, and the harvest season
inundation flood
What did this seasonal cycle of flooding give to Egyptian life? pattern
What two regions was Egypt divided into? Upper and Lower Egypt
Where was Upper Egypt located? The south, it stretched from Aswan to Memphis.
Where was Lower Egypt located? The north, it stretched from Memphis to the Mediterranean Sea.
To take advantage of the annual flooding of the Nile, what did the Egyptians build? irrigation canals and dams
What were the irrigation canals for? to carry water into the fields
What were the dams for? to hold back the water for use during droughts
What was an important job of the government? The work of planning and organizing building irrigation canals and dams.
What were the four natural borders that isolated ancient Egypt and protected them from invaders? North-the Mediterranean Sea, East-the Arabian Desert, South-mountains, West-the Libyan Desert
What bigger desert are both the Arabian and the Libyan deserts part of? the Sahara Desert
What were the causes of the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt? Rains in Central Africa and snow melt from the mountains in Eastern Africa.
How were the floods in Ancient Egypt different than the ones in Ancient Mesopotamia? The floods in Ancient Egypt were far more predictable.
What foods did the Nile provide the Egyptians other than what they produced from farming? Fish, ducks, geese, and other water birds.
What is papyrus? A long, thin reed.
What of some of the uses for papyrus? Making baskets, boats, sandals, and a lightweight writing material,paper, with it.
By what year did both parts of Ancient Egypt have kings? By about 3300 BCE.
dynasty A series of rulers from the same family.
About how many dynasties ruled over Ancient Egypt? about 30
Who was the first king to create a dynasty, according to legend? Menes
When did the Old Kingdom take place? 2686-2181 BCE
When did the Middle Kingdom take place? 2055-1650 BCE
When did the New Kingdom take place? 1570-11070 BCE
What were some of the Old Kingdom's accomplishments? Building the Great Pyramids of Giza.
What were some of the Middle Kingdom's accomplishments? Making Egypt's economy stronger and achieving a great deal in literature, architecture, and arts.
What were some of the New Kingdom's accomplishments? Egypt became a world power by conquering other nations and building an empire.
Who built the Pyramids of Giza? skilled laborers and common laborers
What was the order in which the Pyramids constructed? Khufu's, Khafari's, then Memphari's
Who's pyramid was the biggest? Khufu's
Who's pyramid was the smallest? Memfari's
What is true of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt? They owned all the land, had complete control over Egypt, and the people believed they were a god.
What is the high priest's job? To advise the pharaoh.
What is the vizier's job? To advice the pharaoh and serve as a judge.
What do artisans and professional's jobs? To provide goods and services for the royal family. Almost all the art they made was for the royal family.
Were there always more farmers than slaves? yes
What the farmers work as during the flood seasons? laborers
Who did everyone work for in Egypt? the pharaoh
What was the job of the royal family? To assist the Pharaoh in running the kingdom. Male members of the family were often given government official jobs.
What were the three resources that Egypt had access to? granite, alabaster, and limestone
Which resources did the Kingdom of Kush have access to? gold
Why did the Egyptians prepare the body for the afterlife? If they didn't do this, what would the spirit miss out on after death? They believed that without a body, a person's spirit couldn't eat, drink, dance, or enjoy the other pleasures of the afterlife.
Why did the bury their dead with many objects? What are some examples? The objects would be of use in the afterlife. Examples- clothes, food, drinks, games, hand mirrors, mummies of pets, statues of servants (for the wealthy), ect.
Who constructed the ritual of "weighing the heart of the dead?" Anubis and Osiris
Explain the process of "weighing the heart of the dead." When the gods weigh the heart of the dead against the feather of truth.
What happens if the soul was heavy with sin? It was believed that the soul died a painful second death.
What happened if the soul passed the test? It was believed that the soul would go on to enjoy a happy afterlife.
What is the Rosetta stone? A black stone tablet with the same passage written in three languages.
What was the Rosetta stone's importance to understanding Egyptian history? It was "the key" that unlocked Ancient Egypt. After it was decoded, historians could read hieroglyphics and understand Egyptian records.
Why was the job of a scribe hard to obtain? The hieroglyphics system was complex, the school days of the special schools were long and could be harsh.
How many different symbols did the young scribes to be have to learn? 700 different ones.
Why did many fathers want their sons to have this job? It was "of greater advantage than all the trades", so they'd have a good job and a respected place in society.
How were the Egyptian kings different from the Mesopotamian ones? Egyptians believed their kings to be gods while Mesopotamians believed their kings ruled on behalf of the gods.
Osiris King of the Underworld (the land of the dead).
Anubus Second-tier god; guide of the dead; preparer of bodies for the afterlife (Osiris's helper and son).
Amon-Ra Creator of the universe. Chief/king of the gods.
Hathor Goddess of laughter and love (more "motherly love").
Horus God of the Earth; Pharaoh was considered to be the "human form" of this god.
Isis Goddess of motherhood and fertility; was the sister-wife of Osiris.
What is the name of the city where the kingdom of Nubia begins? Aswan
What was strange about the appearance of the Egyptian pharaoh's wife and daughters in the statues near the temple? Rames II wife and daughters were made to look like Nubians.
What modern day country is the "heart of the black kingdoms of the Nile?" Sudan
Why did the creation of the Aswan High Dam make learning about the Ancient Nubians extremely difficult? Lake Nasser covered the artifacts and remains of the civilization.
In the city of there is a set of ruins that are 2000 years old. What did the building used to be? a college or university
What does this type of building, a college or university, tell modern people about the ancient Nubians? They were an advanced civilization.
By what century had the Nubians conquered all of Egypt? 8th century BCE
At six places along the Nile, water is forced through narrow channels creating rapids and steep waterfalls. These areas can be described as what? cataracts
What two cities is Upper Egypt located between? Aswan and Memphis
Where can one find evidence that the Egyptians and Kushite people had close relationships? In pics on the walls of some Egyptian tombs and temples.
Describe the scenes in Hatshepsut's tomb. What do these images tell us about the relationship between Egypt and Kush? Some scenes were of the Kushite people bearing gifts, others were of the them armed with bows and arrows suggesting that the two people's had a complicated relationship. Sometimes it was peaceful, often it was not.
What is another name for Kush? Nubia
How did the Nubians get their name? From the Egyptian word for gold, nub.
What goods did the Egyptians receive from the Nubians? Gold, ivory, leather, and timber.
What goods did the Nubians receive from the Egyptians? Grain, linen, and slaves.
What specific changes happened in Nubia that showed the influence the Egyptians had on them as a civilization? The Nubians started to worship Egyptian gods, wear Egyptian clothes, and follow Egyptian traditions even after they gained their independence back.
Why did the Egyptians become weak after the collapse of the New Kingdom? At least ten Egyptian kingdoms fought one another for power, the constant fighting made Egypt weak and unstable.
What major event occurred in 730 BCE? Egypt surrendered to Piye, king of Kush.
What dynasty did Piye start? The 25th dynasty.
Describe the size of the Nubian empire under Piye's rule. The empire extended for 1500 miles, stretching from Meroe to the Mediterranean Sea.
What major construction site is seen as an example of how closely connected the Nubians and Egyptians were? The temple at Jebel Barkal because it was modeled after the temple of Rames II.
In what year did the last of the Nubian kings leave Egypt? The mid 650s BCE.
Who was responsible for the kings' departures? The Assyrians, because of their advanced iron weaponry.
What major event occurred in 590 BCE? The Egyptians invaded Kush again, and destroyed their capital city, Napata.
How did the Nubians react to the Egyptians destroying their capital city? The Nubians made Meroe their new capital city, it was 300 miles south of Napata and safely out of the Egyptian's reach.
Explain how the Nubians were more modern in the views towards women. They practiced female leadership, and the Kandakes (queen mothers) were considered goddesses.
What was the Old Kingdom's capital city? Memphis
What was the New Kingdom's capital city? Thebes
How long did Hatshepsut rule for? about 20 years
OLD Kingdom dates trick 2686-2181 BCE- OLD maid 21-26
New Kingdom dates trick 1570-1070 BCE- first ages of possibly getting married
Middle Kingdom dates trick 2055-1650 BCE- middle ages of possibly getting married
noble of high rank or birth
obelisk A tall, four-sided pillar that tapers to a point like a pyramid.
hieroglyph A symbol used in the hieroglyphics, a system of writing that developed around 3000 BCE.
For what two major accomplishments is the Old Kingdom known for? Building the great pyramids and early pharaohs developing a strong central government.
What is another name given to the Middle Kingdom? the Period of Reunification
The Middle Kingdom is known for accomplishments in what areas? Literature, art, and architecture.
What is a nickname given to the New Kingdom? Egypt's Golden Age
What could be seen as Khufu's most memorable contribution? Building the largest great pyramid.
Senusret I was in charge of mines that contained what resources? copper, gold, and gems (purple amethyst)
What could be seen as Senusret I greatest accomplishment? Building the White Chapel.
What could be seen as Hatshepsut's greatest accomplishment? Her rise to power, never before had a woman pharaoh ruled Egypt.
What was Hatshepsut's greatest trade expedition? The one to the African Kingdom of Punt.
What goods did the expedition bring back? gold, ivory, rare woods, monkeys, ostrich feathers, leopard furs, and incense
What was a nickname for Rames II? Rames the Great
For how long did Rames II rule? 64 years
Rames II is best known for defeating which group in battle? the Hitties
What is Rames II greatest building project? The temple complex at Abu Simbel.
Why was Hatshepsut liked by people of Egypt? because she promoted trade.
How did Hatshepsut gain her power? she was supposed to take over until Thutmoset III was old enough to take over (but she never relinquished her power because she likes it).
What is Hatshepsut's connection to Thutmoset III? He is her nephew.
Who did Thutmoset III want to fight? Everybody and anybody, he's really mad.
Why is Thutmoset III really mad? Because a mere woman took his rightful power away and there was nothing he could do about it.
What does Thutmoset III try to do once he is pharaoh? Erase Hatshepsut from history.
How does Thutmoset try to erase Hatshepsut from history? He has the sphinx and obelisks from her temple destroyed, wreaks stuff in her temple, and has stone masons scratch out her name from history.
How long is Thutmosut III mad at Hatshepsut? 15-20 years
How far did Thutmoset III territory reach? From Nubia to the Euphrates River.
What did conquered nations send to prove their loyalty? gifts called tributes
Why did even free nations send gifts? because they feared Egypt.
What is another name for Napata? Jebel Barkal
Where was the temple of Rames II moved to before the Aswan High Dam was built? Abu Simbel
What was worn by pharaohs in the New Kingdom to show authority? fake beards
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