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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
7thgradeBioTest10 Taxonomy Biology 2013-03-27 crosscountrygirl9.24 24 0 edit
fashion show vocab fashion show vocab for my Chinese class's 7th grade fashion show Chinese 2013-03-20 crosscountrygirl9.24 14 0 edit
Stroke Names Names for different strokes used in Chinese Characters Chinese 2013-03-10 crosscountrygirl9.24 1 0 edit
opinion on clothes1 ask and give opinion on clothes (English and pinyin) Chinese 2013-03-04 crosscountrygirl9.24 17 0 edit
7thgradeBioTest9 Evololution and Natural Selection Biology 2013-03-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 41 0 edit
clothing(1) measure words and descriptions (characters, pinyin, and English) Chinese 2013-02-28 crosscountrygirl9.24 16 0 edit
ClothingI English and pinyin Chinese 2013-03-04 crosscountrygirl9.24 18 0 edit
7thgradebiotest8 Genetics Biology 2013-02-12 crosscountrygirl9.24 38 0 edit
7thGradeHistoryTest2 7thGradeHistoryTest2 Unfinished 2012-10-10 crosscountrygirl9.24 40 0 edit
7thgradeBioTest4 cell terms and other stuff Biology 2012-11-03 crosscountrygirl9.24 34 0 edit
7thgradehistorytest3 Mesopotamia stuff History 2013-09-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 22 1 edit
TheLandVocabTest1 vocab from chapters "Mitchell" and "Stallion" English Vocabulary 2012-11-08 crosscountrygirl9.24 9 0 edit
7thgradeBiologyTest5 terms on protists and some other stuff Biology 2015-03-03 crosscountrygirl9.24 49 1 edit
7thgradehistorytest4 Empires of Mesopotamia History 2013-09-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 51 1 edit
TheLandVocab2 vocab from chapters "Family" and Betrayal" and other English Vocabulary 2012-11-30 crosscountrygirl9.24 17 0 edit
7thgradeBioTest2 terms on diffusion, active and passive transport, and other Biology 2012-12-08 crosscountrygirl9.24 16 0 edit
direction directions in chinese Chinese 2012-12-09 crosscountrygirl9.24 11 0 edit
furniture/electronic common furniture in houses, electronics, and other Chinese 2012-12-10 crosscountrygirl9.24 10 0 edit
7thgradeBioTest6 7thgradeBioTest6 Biology 2013-09-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 36 1 edit
rooms in my house rooms in most houses Chinese 2012-12-13 crosscountrygirl9.24 9 0 edit
7thgradeHistoryTest5 Ancient Israel stuff History 2012-12-19 crosscountrygirl9.24 102 0 edit
7thgradeHistoryTest6 Ancient Egypt stuff History 2014-01-21 crosscountrygirl9.24 148 1 edit
TheLandVocab3 vocab from "The Land" and "Caroline" and literary terms English Vocabulary 2013-01-09 crosscountrygirl9.24 25 0 edit
7thgradeBioTest7 Simple Genetics Biology 2013-09-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 88 1 edit
location and rooms1 translating questions and answeres Chinese 2013-01-20 crosscountrygirl9.24 17 0 edit
Chinesetest1/23/13 review on characters and pinyin Chinese 2013-01-20 crosscountrygirl9.24 20 0 edit
TheLandVocab4 terms from "Bargain", "Promise", literary devices, and literary terms English Vocabulary 2013-01-31 crosscountrygirl9.24 26 0 edit
7thgradeHistoryTest7 Ancient Greece stuff History 2014-01-21 crosscountrygirl9.24 184 2 edit
AskngSum1 2 HangOut Asking someone to hang out and answer Chinese 2013-05-20 crosscountrygirl9.24 3 0 edit
ChineseStoreProject Words on store talk in Chinese Chinese 2013-05-30 crosscountrygirl9.24 5 0 edit
13 Colonies Colonial Life in the 13 colonies and other related stuff U.S. History 2013-10-01 crosscountrygirl9.24 40 0 edit
school, classes, etc school, classes, etc in pinyin and English Unfinished 2013-10-02 crosscountrygirl9.24 17 0 edit
Events Leading 2 Rev events leading to the American Revolution, events, dates, etc U.S. History 2013-10-29 crosscountrygirl9.24 12 0 edit
Topographic Map Quiz stuff on contour maps Earth Science 2013-11-03 crosscountrygirl9.24 7 0 edit
Adjective Quizlet quizlet about types, examples,etc of adjectives English Vocabulary 2013-11-06 crosscountrygirl9.24 7 0 edit
ordering food ordering food Chinese 2013-12-11 crosscountrygirl9.24 4 0 edit
Weathering & Erosion weathering, erosion, soil stuff, etc Earth Science 2013-12-29 crosscountrygirl9.24 69 0 edit
Grd8Sci: Earthquakes Lovely, huh? Earthquakes! Earth Science 2014-02-10 crosscountrygirl9.24 50 0 edit
Volcanoes Quiz 'nuff said Unfinished 2015-12-13 crosscountrygirl9.24 101 1 edit
Plate Tectonics title says it all Unfinished 2014-04-13 crosscountrygirl9.24 47 0 edit
Astronomy Quiz Moon phases, eclipses, tides, sun facts Science 2014-05-04 crosscountrygirl9.24 42 0 edit
Physics Final Could I get away w/o studying? Physics 2015-05-16 crosscountrygirl9.24 2 0 edit
你好 2:第八课- 吃饭 Includes going out to eat, ordering food, table manners, and guest procedures. Chinese 2013-12-10 mma129 32 1 edit

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