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Path 23

Bone and Joint Disease

What is the most common type of arthritis DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Which arthritis is associated with erosion, fibrillation, eburnation, subchondral cysts, and osteophytes DJD
What arthritis includes findings of inflammation of the synovium, pannus, destruction of underlying bone, and ankylosis Rheumatoid Arthritis
Is gout monosodium urate or calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate Monosodium Urate
Is pseudogout a problem with monosodium urate or calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate
What is osteopenia decreased bone mass to below normal
What is osteomalacia defective matrix mineralization usually associated with a nutritional deficit or abnormal metabolism of vitamin D
What is Renal Osteodystrophy A form of osteomalasia seen in chronic renal failure
What is Osteoporosis a reduction of bone mass per unit volume of bone and microarchitectural deterioration of bone
Osteoclastogenesis is mediated by? Ratio of RANKL to OPG
Who gets primary osteoporosis It is largely a disease of the elderly (usually older women)
Who gets Type I osteoporosis primarily postmenopausal women (related to the loss of estrogen or testosterone
Where do you see fractures with Type I osteoporosis distal forearm adn vertebral bodies
Who gets Type II osteoporosis Men and Women typically after age 60
Where do you see fractures with Type II osteoporosis Femor, femoral neck, proximal tibia, and pelvis
Who gets idiopathic osteoporosis young patients less than 60 y/o
What do "corduroy vertebrae" indicate Early osteoporosis
What is the most sensitive and accurate method of quantifying bone mineral density Bone densitometry
what is the most useful method to diagnose osteopenia DXA
What is another name for osteitis deformans Paget disease
What are the stages of Paget disease Osteolytic, Osteoclastic-blastic, Osteosclerotic
There is evidence that Paget disease is caused by mutations in the ? signaling pathway RANK
What is another name for marble bone disease, a rare hereditary disease in which osteoclasts function is defective Osteopetrosis
What is the name for avascular necrosis or aseptic necrosis involving the head of the femur Osteonecrosis
What are some causes of Osteonecrosis Trauma, Caisson disease, Gaucher's, Gout, Chronic alcoholism, sickle cell disease, idiopathic
What are some of the most common organisms identified from osteomyelitis Staph aureus and mycobacteria
What is a Closed (simple) fracture when the broken bone does not penetrate the skin
What is a Colles' fracture fracture of the distal radius
What is a comminuted fracture Bone splinters into more than two fragments of bone (unstable)
What is a complete fracture the bone fractures completely through the bone width
what is a compound fracture the bone fracture site communicates with skin surface
What is a compression fracture two bones are forced against each other
What is a displaced fracture broken pieces of bone are not aligned
what is a greenstick fracture bone sustains a small incomplete frature in which only one side of the bone is broken (only outside of bend is broken)
What is an incomplete fracture the bone breaks without complete separation (a crack which extends only partially through the bone width
What is a pathological fracture bones weakened by diseases break with little force
What is a spiral fracture a twisting motion breaks the bone
What is a stress fracture slowly developing fracture secondary to new repetitive loads
What is the prognosis for fibrous cortical defect not a neoplasm these disappear by the end of the teens or early twenties
Ewing's sarcoma is associated with ? genetic finding translocation of t(11;22)
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