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Path 22

Melanocytic Tumors

What is the origin of melanocytes Melanocytes migrate from the neural crest and arrive in the epidermis in the 8 to 10 week fetus
Melanocytes are identified ultrastructurally by the distinctive appearance of their melanosomes
What is the name for flat, brown to black pigmented spots that show increased numbers of melanocytes in the basal cell layer Lentigo
What is the syndrome that typically has multiple lentigine in a perioral distribution on the hands and feet Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome
Is it an increase in the number of melanocytes or increase in the amount of melanin that produces the ephelis, or freckle increased amount of melanin
What is a lesion that looks like a freckle but is much larger Cafe au Lait Macule
The presence of 6 or more Cafe au Lait Macules larger than 1.5 cm is highly suggestive of? neurofibromatosis
What are the three classifications of nevi based on location Junctional, Compound, and Intradermal
What is another name for Epithelioid Cell Nevus Spitz's nevus
Where is a blue nevus most likely to be seen on the buttock, dorsa of the hands and feet and face
T/F Congenital Nevi are common False most nevi are not congenital
When is the median age for diagnosis with Malignant Melanoma fifth decade
Where do most malignant melanomas occur in people with darker skin palms, soles, under nails, and on mucus membranes
Would there likely be more malignant melanoma in Northern or Southern Norway Northern (incidence increases with latitude)
What are the three major growth phases of malignant melanoma Radial and Vertical
This type of Melanoma comprises approximately 70% of all malignant melanomas it has a long radial growth period before entering vertical growth Superficial spreading malignant melanoma
This Melanoma has almost no radial growth phase Nodular malignant melanoma
What is the most common melanoma occuring in Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and American Indians Acral Lentiginous Melanoma
What does Level 1 indicate Intraepidermal or in situ
What does Level 2 indicate Invades papillary dermis
What does Level III indicate fills adn expands the papillary dermis
What does Level IV indicate invades the reticular dermis
What does Level V indicate invades subcutaneous fat
What is now regarded as the single most useful histopathologic indicator of prognosis in melanoma The thickness measurement
What are some additional microscopic parameters that have soe predictive value ulceration, regression, mitotic rate, degree of lymphoid infiltration of tumor and presence of micrometastases within the lesion
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