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Ch 12&14

sinusoid enlarge capillary that acts as a blood channel
fibrin blood protein that forms blood clot
venous sinus large channel that drains blood low in O2
aorta largest artery that carries blood out of the hearts left ventricle
hemoglobin iron containing protein in RBC that binds with O2
hematopoietic blood forming cell
hematocrit volume % of RBC in whole blood
neutrophil phagocytic granular WBC
venule vessel between capillary and vein
sphygmomanometer device used to measure BP (cuff)
vasodilation increase in vessels lumen diameter
coagulation blood clotting
serum liquid portion of blood without clotting factors
erythrocyte RBC
vein vessel that carries blood towards the heart
elasticity capacity of a structure to return to its original shape after being stretched
cryoprecipitate precipitate when plama is frozen and then thawed
plasma liquid portion of blood
vasoconstriction decrease in vessels lumen diameter
leukocyte WBC
transfusion introduction of blood of blood components directly into bloodstream
endothelium epithelium that lines the heart, lungs and lymphatic vessels
artery vessel that carries blood away from the heart
hemostasis stoppage of bleeding
arteriole vessel between a small artery and capillary
baroreceptor receptor that responds to pressure
albumin protein in blood plasma and other body fluids that helps to maintain osmotic pressure of blood
valve structure that prevents fluid flowing backwards in the heart lungs and lymphatic vessels
capillary microscopic vessel that exchanges take place between blood and tissues
agglutination clumping of cells due to antigen antibody reaction
eosinophil granular WBC that is bead like, bright pink cytoplasmic granules when stained w/ acid stain
platelet cell fragment that forms a plug to stop bleeding and acts in blood clotting
antigen foreign substance that induces an immune response
megakaryocyte large cell that gives rise to blood platelets
vena cava large vein that carries blood into the hearts right atrium
lymphocyte agranular WBC that functions in immunity
monocyte phagocytic agranular WBC that differentiates in macrophage
pulse wave of increases pressure in vessels produced by heart contraction
basophil granular WBC that shows large dark blue cytoplasmic granules when stained with basic stain
centrifuge instrument used to separate materials in a mixture basoed on density
compliance ease of a holloe structure like thorac or alveoli of lungs that can be expanded under pressure
thrombin serin protease that converts soluble fibrinogen into insoluble fibrin
vasomotor regulated activity sending messages thru autonominc nervous system
antiserum serum containing antibodies that may be given to provide passive immunity; immune serum
hemolysis rupture of RBC
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