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CPC Ch. 2- Respirato

CPC ch 2-Respiratory (Pulmonary)System

Bronchiolitis Inflammation of the bronchiolrd
Bronchoscope Instrument used to examine the bronchi
Carina A projection of the lowest tracheal cartilage where the trachea separates into two bronchi. Used as a landmark for endoscopy.
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- Any group of chronic, progressive and debilitative respiratory diseases.(emphysema, asthma, bronchitits, etc)
Dyspnea Difficulty breathing
Hemothorax Presence of blood in the pleural space.
Hyperpnea Rapid breathing
Lobectomy Surgical excision of a lobe of the lung
Orthopnea Difficulty breathing unless upright or in a straight position.
Pneumothorax Collection of air in the chest or pleural cavity.
Rales Abnormal chest sounds heard when air enters small airways or alveoli containing fludi typically during inspiration; also called crackles.
Rhinorrhea Discharge from the nose
Rhonchus Rale or rattling sound in throat or bronchial tube caused by obstructed or inflamed bronchi
Tachypnea Fast or rapid breathing
Thoracotomy Incision into the chest.
Thoracentesis Removal of fluid from the pleural cavity via surgical puncture; pleural tab.
Wheeze Whistling sound usually caused by air passageway obstruction, common in asthmatics.
Phren/o Diaphragm
Phrenic/o phrenic nerve
Pneumon/o Lung
Pneum/o Air, gas; repiration, lund
pneumat/o air, gas; respiration, lund
plum/o, pulmon/o lungs
spir/o breathing
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