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CPC Ch. 2- Senses

CPC ch 2-Special Senses

Blephar/o eyelid
Cochle/o cochlea of inner ear
Corne/o cornea
Dacryocyst/o lacrimal sac
myring/o tympanic membrane
Ot/o ear
Phak/o, phac/o lens
Retin/o retina
Salping/o tube, Eustachian tube
Scler/o sclear
Tympan/o tympanic cavity (middle ear), tympanic membrane
Amblyopia Lazy eye causing dullness of vision
Ametropia Defect in the refractive power of the eye.
Aphakia Absence of lens of the eye
Astigmatisim Due to an abnormal curvve of the cornea, rays of light do not focus on the retina.
Blepharitis An inflammation of the ediges of the eyelids
Corneal Pertaining to the cornea
Cycloplegia Ciliary muscle paralysis
Diplopia Double vision
Ectropion Turning outward (eyelids)
Entropion Turning inward (eyelids)
Glaucoma Disease of the eye characterized by increased intraocular pressure.
Intraocular Within the eye
Keratitis Inflammation of the cornea
Lacrimal Tears
Ocular Pertaining to the eye
Ophthalmologist A physician Specialized in DX and Treatment of diesases of the eye
Ophthalmoscope An instrument to examine the interior of the eye
Presbyopia Farsightedness associated with aging and progressive disease.
Retinopathy non-inflammatory degenerative disease of the retina
Tonometer Instrument to measure intraocular pressure
Trichiasis Ingrown eyelash can rub against the cornea irritation the eye.
Audiology Study of hearing disorder
Auricle External Ear
Labyrinthitis Inflammation of the labyrinth
myringoplasty Repair of the tympanic membrane
Otolaryngologist Physician specializing in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear and larynx
Ototlogist Physician specializing in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear
Otopyorrhea Pus draining from the ear
Otoscope Instrument to examine the ear and ear drum
Tinnitus Ringing in the ear
Vertigo Feeling you or your environment is moving or spinning, caused by disturbance of equilibrium in the labyrinth.
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