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3sam Apps

GYOZA Steamed Japanese-style pork or chicken dumplings with a soy-sesame dipping sauce
VEGETABLE DUMPLING Steamed Japanese-style dumplings with cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushroom and root vegetables wrapped in a spinach flour dough with a hoisin-honey dipping sauce
SHRIMP / VEGETABLE TEMPURA Lightly-battered deep fried shrimp or assorted vegetables served with light dashi-soy sauce
SUNOMONO Choice of octopus or seaweed salad
AGE DASHI TOFU Fried tofu in a sweet dashi-soy sauce with grated daikon radish, ginger and nameko mushrooms
SAMURAI CHICKEN WING Lightly breaded fried chicken wings basted in a honey soy glaze, spicy mayo or buffalo style
EDAMAME Lightly salted soy bean pods, served cold
SASHIMI APPETIZER Six slices of assorted fresh fish over a bed of radish
FLASH-SEARED WHITE TUNA Sweet soy-marinated tuna, seared medium rare, drizzled with a wasabi-lime, honey mustard sauce
YELLOWTAIL TATAKI Grilled tuna served over hijiki salad and sweet ponzu onions, drizzled with sweet ginger sauce
CRAB CAKES Pan-fried blue crab over mango salsa, served with a capers-cilantro pesto sauce
SPRING ROLLS Fried Japanese-style pork egg rolls served with two types of sweet chili sauce
IMPERIAL ROLL Soft rice paper roll with shrimp, crab, pork, vermicelli & fresh herbs, served with peanut sauce
SPICY SNOW CRAB Fresh spicy snow-crab over cucumber & seaweed in a mirin-vinaigrette and topped with roasted pine nuts
DUCK DUMPLING Mixture of steamed ground duck meat, gingko nuts and vegetables served with honey-hoisin dipping sauce
how many goyoza are there 5
how many duck dumpings are there 6
how many spring rolls are there 3 cut in half to make 6
how many imperial rolls are there 2
how many veg dumplings are there 5
how many shrimp are in the shrimp tempura 4
how many shrimp and vegs are in the combo tempura 2 shrimp and 3 vegs
how many vegs in the veg tempura 5
how many wings are in the samurai wings 8
what is nori seaweed
what is the phone number number to three sam 319 337 3340
what are the hours monday through friday we are open 11 to 230 and then 5 to 10
what are the hours saturday and sunday we are open 12 to 10
what are time do servers need to be at work monday 1030 or 4
what time do servers need to be at work tuesday - friday 1030 or 430
what time do servers need to be at work on sat and sunday 11/12 or 330
what is maki sushi rolls
what is sushi Japanese foodof cooked vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients (neta), usually raw fish or other seafood. Neta and forms of sushi presentation vary, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is vinegared rice called sushi-meshi.
what is sashimi Raw meat sliced and served by itself is sashimi. At three sam we put it on radish
what types the wings honey soy, spicy mayo, buffalo
what are the two most common side dish people will ask for for sushi spicy mayo and unagi sauce(eel sauce)
what are the two types of soups miso and clear
what is in miso soup soy broth, scallions, tofu, seaweed
what is clear soup chick based broth, scallions, mushrooms, fried onions
what dressings do we have sesame, creamy miso, sweet onion soy all vinger based
what is our house dressing sesame
what is the address 1801 2nd Street #200 Coralville, IA 52241
Created by: davidmccullough2
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