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Bases: Med. Term.

Medical Terminology from Greek and Latin Roots. Bases. (GREEK in all caps)

BaseDefinitionCorresponding Latin Noun
abdomin- abdomen
ACROMI- acromion, the extremity of the shoulder
ADEN- gland
adip- fat
AER- air, gas
al- wing, any wing-like structure f. ala, -ae
alb- white
alveol- alveoli, terminal air sacs m. alveolus, -i
AMBLY- dull, dim, blunt (blank)
AMNI-, AMNION- amnion; amniotic fluid (blank)
AMYL- starch (blank)
an- anus (blank)
ANDR- male, man (blank)
ANGI- (blood) vessel, duct (blank)
anter- before, in the forward part (blank)
aort-, aortic- aorta f. aorta, -ae
ARTHR- joint (blank)
articul- joint f. articultio, articulationis
ASTRAGAL- ankle, bones of teh ankle joint m. astragalus, -i
atri- atrium (a chamber of the heart) n. atrium, -i
aur- ear (blank)
AUX- increase (blank)
bacill- rod, rod-shaped bacterium m. bacillus, -i
BAR- weight, pressure (blank)
BAS- bse, basic (i.e. non-acidic) (blank)
BI- life; living organism, microbe (blank)
bil-, bili- bile (blank)
BLAST- precursor cell; primitive cell or layer (blank)
BLENN- mucus (blank)
BLEPHAR- eyelid (blank)
BRACHI- slow (blank)
BRONCH- bronchus (major airway within the lungs) m. bronchus, -i
BRONCHIOL- bronchiole (smaller airways in the lungs) m. bronchiolus, -i
bucc- cheek f. bucca, -ae
burs- fluid-filled sac, bursa f. bursa, -ae
calc-, calci- calcium (blank)
calcane- heel bone m. calcaneus, -i
capil- capillary (blank)
CARCIN- cancer (blank)
CARDI- heart (blank)
CARDI- cardiac (proximal) portion of stomach (blank)
CARP- wrist, bones of the wrist m. carpus, -i
caud- tail, lower end of the body (blank)
cec-, caec- cecum n. cecum, -i
CELI- abdomen (blank)
centr- center (blank)
CEPHAL- head (blank)
cerebell- cerebellum, posteroinferior portion of brain; "little brain" n. cerebellum, -i
cerebr- cerebrum, largest portion of brain; cerebral hemispheres; brain n. cerebrum, -i
cervic- neck f. cervix, cervicis
cervic- cervix of the uterus cervix uteri
CHEIL- lips (blank)
CHEM- chemical, chemistry (blank)
CHIER-, CHIR- hand (blank)
CHLOR- green (blank)
CHOLE-, CHOL- bile (blank)
CHOLECYST- gall bladder (blank)
CHONDR- cartilage, costal cartilage (blank)
CHOLEDOCH- common bile duct (blank)
CHROM-, CHROMAT- color, pigment (blank)
CHRON- time (blank)
CIRRH- orangish-yellow, tawny (blank)
clavicul- clavicle, collar bone f. clavicula, -ae
CLEID- clavicle (blank)
CLON- clone, genetically identical descendent of a single parent cell, to produce such progeny (blank)
cocc- spherical bacterium m. coccus, -i
COL- colon, large intestine (blank)
COLL-, COLLA- glue (blank)
COLP- vagina (blank)
CONI- dust (blank)
conjunctiv- conjunctive; the mucous membrane covering the eyeball f. conjunctiva, -ae
COPR- feces; filthy, dirty (blank)
cord- heart n. cor, cordis
CORE-, COR- pupil of the eye (blank)
corne- cornea f. cornea, -ae
cort-, cortic- cortex, outer layer of a structure or organ (blank)
cost- rib f costa, -ae
cox- hip bone, the hip joint (in general) f. coxa, -ae
crani- skull n. cranium, -i
CRY-, CRYM- cold (blank)
CRYPT- secret, hidden (blank)
cupr- copper (blank)
cut-, cutane- skin (blank)
CYAN- blue (blank)
CYCL- ciliary body of the eye; ring, circle, cycle (blank)
CYST- cyst, any small fluid-filled sac; urinary bladder (blank)
CYT- cell (blank)
DACRY- tears (blank)
DACTYL- finger (blank)
DEM- a people, a population (blank)
dent- tooth m. dens, dentis
DERM-, DERMAT- skin (blank)
DESM- fibrous connection, ligament (blank)
dextr- right (blank)
dist- remote, distant, farther from the attached end (blank)
dors- back, back surface (blank)
duct- to lead, bring, convey (blank)
duoden- duodenum m. duodenum, -i
DYNAM- force, energy, power (blank)
EMBRY-, EMBRYON- embryo (in humans, the unborn offspring up to 8 weeks of development) (blank)
ENCEPHAL- brain (blank)
ENTER- (small) intestine (blank)
EOS- dawn; bright red or pink color (blank)
EPIDIDYM- epididymis (blank)
EPISI- the vulva (blank)
ERYTHR- red (blank)
ESOPHAG- esophagus (blank)
ESTHES- to feel, perceive, sense (blank)
EURY- wide, broad (blank)
extern- outside (blank)
faci- face; surface f. facies, -ei
fasci- band or sheet of fibrous connective tissue f. fascia, -ae
febr- fever (blank)
femor- thigh bone m. femur, femoris
fer-, lat- to bear, carry, bring (blank)
fet- fetus (in humans, teh unborn offspring from 8 weeks of development until birth) (blank)
fibr- fiber, fibrous connective tissue (blank)
fibul- outer bone of the leg f. fibula, -ae
flav- yellow (blank)
flect-, flex- to bend (blank)
front- forehead; (sometimes) frontal bone, sinus, or lobe of brain (blank)
fus- to pour (blank)
GAM- marriage, sexual union; gamete, reproductive cell (blank)
GAMET- gamete, reproductive cell (blank)
GANGLI- ganglion, cluster of nerve cells (blank)
GASTR- stomach (blank)
GEN-, GENE- to come into being, produce (blank)
GENI-, GENY- cheek, chin, jaw (blank)
genu- knee (blank)
GER-, GERONT- old age, elderly person (blank)
gest- to bear, carry, be pregnant (blank)
GEUS- to taste (blank)
gingiv- gums f. gingiva, -ae
GLAUC- blue-gray, green-gray (blank)
GLI- glia, "glue," supporting cells of nervous system (blank)
glob- round body, ball (blank)
glomerul glomerulus, (filtering apparatus of the kidney) (blank)
GLOSS- tongue (blank)
GLUC- glucose (blank)
GLYC- glucose; sweetness; (occasionally as abbreviation) glycogen (blank)
GNATH- jaw (blank)
GON- seed; reproduction (blank)
GON-, GONAT-, GONY- knee (blank)
GONAD- gonad; seed (blank)
granul- little grain, particle (blank)
GRAPH- to write (blank)
gravid- to be pregnant (blank)
GYN-, GYNE-, GYNEC- woman, female (blank)
HELMINTH- parasitic worm (blank)
HEM-, HEMAT- blood (blank)
HEPAT-, HEPATIC liver n. hepar, hepatis
HIST-, HISTI- tissue (blank)
humer- bone of upper arm; shoulder m. humeus, -i
HYAL- glassy, vitreous (blank)
HYDR- water, fluid (blank)
HYGR- moisture (blank)
HYPN- to sleep (blank)
HYSTER- uterus (blank)
IATR- physician, medicine, treatment (blank)
ile- ileum n, ileum, -i
ili- uppermost portion of the hip bone n. ilium, -i
immun- immunity; the immune system, defense against infection; antibodies (blank)
infer- below, in the lower part of (blank)
intern- inside, within (blank)
IR-, IRID- iris (blank)
IS- equal, same, alike (blank)
ISCHI- lowermost portion of the hip bone, "seat bone" n. ischium, -i
jejun- jejunum n. jejunum, -i
kal-, kali- potassium (blank)
KARY- nucleus (blank)
KERAT- cornea, transparent tissue of the anterior eyeball (blank)
KIN-, KINES- to move (blank)
labi- lips n. labium, -i
LABYRINTH- labyrinth, inner ear (blank)
later- side (blank)
LEI- smooth (blank)
LEMM- lemma, cover, sheath (blank)
LEPS-, LEPT- to take hold of; seizure (blank)
LEUK- white; white matter of nervous system (blank)
LEX- to read (blank)
lingu- tongue f. lingua, -ae
LIP- fat, lipid (blank)
LITH- stone, calculus (blank)
LOG- word, thought, reason(ing), study, logic (blank)
lumb- lower back, flank m. lumbus, -i
LY-, LYS- dissolution, lysis (blank)
LYMPH-, LYMPHAT- lymph (blank)
LYMPHADEN- lymph node (blank)
LYMPHANGI- lymphatic vessel (blank)
MACR- large (blank)
MAN- to be mad (blank)
mandibul- lower jaw bone, mandible f. mandibula, -ae
maxilla- upper jaw bone f. maxilla, -ae
MEAT- passage or canal; the external opening of such a passage (blank)
medi- middle, midline (blank)
MEGA-, MEGAL- large (blank)
MELAN- black, dark, pigment (blank)
men-, menstru- menses, menstrual bleeding; the monthly female reproductive cycle (blank)
MENING- meninges, membranes covering the central nervous system (blank)
ment- chin n, mentum, -i
MES- middle, midline (blank)
METR- uterus (blank)
MICR- small (blank)
morb- disease (blank)
mort- death mors, mortis
muc- mucus (blank)
muscul- muscle m. musculus, -i
mut-, muta-, mutat- to change (blank)
MY- muscle (blank)
MYC-, MYCET- fungus (blank)
MYEL- bone marrow; spinal cord (blank)
MYRING- tympanic membrane (blank)
MYX- mucus (blank)
nas- nose; nasal cavity; nasal bone m. nasus, -i
nasc-, nat- to be born (blank)
NATR- sodium (blank)
NECR- dead body, dead tissue (blank)
NEMA-, NEMAT- roundword (blank)
NEPHR- kidney (blank)
nerv- nerve m. nervus, -i
NEUR- nerve (blank)
niger-, nigr- black (blank)
NOS- disease (blank)
nucle- nucleus m. nucleus, -i
occipit- posterior portion of skull; occipital bone (blank)
ocul- eye m. oculus, -i
ODONT- tooth, teeth (blank)
OLIG- few, little (blank)
OMPHAL- umbilicus, navel; umbilical cord (blank)
ONC- tumor; bulk, volume (blank)
OO- egg, ovum (blank)
OOPHOR- ovary (blank)
op-, ops-, opt- vision, seeing (blank)
OPHTHALM- eye (blank)
or- mouth n. os, oris
ORCHI-, ORCHID- testes (blank)
ORTH- straight (blank)
OSPHR- to smell (blank)
oss-, osse- bone n. os, ossis
OSTE-, OST- bone (blank)
OT- ear (blank)
ovari- ovary (blank)
ovi-, ovo- ovum (blank)
ovul- to realease an egg, ovulate (blank)
OX-, OXY- sharp, acute; rapid; acid; oxygen (blank)
palat- palate, roof of the mouth n. palatum, -i
PAN-, PANT- all, whole, entire; widespread (blank)
PANCREAT-, PANCREATIC- pancreas (blank)
papill- nipple-like projection f. papilla, -ae
par-, part- to bear, give birth (to) (blank)
pariet- wall, posterolateral portion of skull; corresponding lobe of brain (blank)
patell- kneecap f. patella, -ae
PATH- disease, suffering (blank)
pector- chest, breast n. pectus, pectoris
PED- child (from pais, paidis) (blank)
pelv- basin-like structure f. pelvis, pelvis
pen- penis (blank)
PEPTID- peptide (chain of two or more amino acids); peptide bond (-CO-NH- bond) (blank)
PHAG- to eat (blank)
PHALANG- any bone of a finger or toe f. phalanx, phalangis
PHALL- penis (blank)
PHARMAC- drugs, medicine (blank)
PHARYNG- throat f. pharynx, pharyngis
PHAS- to speak (blank)
PHLEB- vein (blank)
PHON- voice, sound (blank)
PHOT- light (blank)
PHRAS- to speak (blank)
PHREN- mind; diaphragm (blank)
PHREN-, PHRENIC- diaphragm; phrenic nerve (blank)
PHYT- plant; microorganism of the plant kingdom (blank)
placent- placenta (blank)
PLAS-, PLAST- to form, develop (blank)
PLASM- plasma (fluid portion of the blood) (blank)
PLEUR- pleura (membrane surrounding the lungs) f. pleura, -ae
PNEUM-, PNEUMAT- air (blank)
PNEUMON-, PNEUM lung (blank)
POIKOL- varied, irregular (blank)
POLI- gray; gray matter of nervous system (blank)
POLY- many (blank)
POR- passage, opening, pore (blank)
poster- behind, in the back part of (blank)
PROCT- rectum (blank)
PROSTAT- prostate gland (blank)
proxim- next to, nearer to the attached end (blank)
PSEUD- false, lying, deceptive resemblance (blank)
PSYCH- mind, soul, psyche (blank)
PT- droop, fall, sag (blank)
pub- pubic bone n. os pubis, ossis pubis
pulm-, pulmon- lung (blank)
pupil- pupil of the eye f. pupilla, -ae
pur-, purul- pus (blank)
PY- pus (blank)
PYEL- renal pelvis (blank)
PYLOR- pylorus, distal portion of stomach m. pylorus, -i
PYRET- fever (blank)
RACHI-, RACHID- spine (blank)
radi- outer bone of the forearm m. radius, -i
rect- rectum n. rectum, -i
ren- kidney (blank)
retin- retina f. retina, -ae
RHABD- rod, rod-shaped (blank)
RHIN- nose (blank)
RHIZ- root (blank)
RHOD- rosy, pink (blank)
RHYTHM- rhythm (blank)
rub-, rubr- red (blank)
SACCHAR- sugar, saccharide (blank)
sacr- bone of caudal vertebral column n. (os) sacrum, -i
SALPING- fallopian tube; oviduct (blank)
sanguin-, sangui- blood (blank)
SARC- flesh, muscular substance (blank)
scapul- shoulder blade f. scapula, -ae
SCHIZ-, SCHIST- to divide (blank)
SCLER- hard (blank)
SCOLI- twisted, crooked, curved (blank)
SCOP- to look (blank)
scrip(t)-, scrib- to write (blank)
semin- seed; semen (blank)
sept- septum n. septum, -i
ser- serum (blank)
SIAL- saliva (blank)
SIDER- iron (blank)
silic- silica, silicon dioxide (blank)
sin-, sinus- cavity, space m. sinus, -us
sinistr- left, on the left side (blank)
SOM-, SOMAT- the human body; any "body" or self-contained mass; (abbreviation for) chromosome (blank)
somn-, somni- sleep (blank)
SPERM-, SPERMA-, SPERMAT- seed; spermatazoa, semen (blank)
SPHYGM- pulse (blank)
spin- spine, spinal column, spinal process or projection (blank)
spir- to breathe (blank)
SPLANCH- internal organ (blank)
SPLEN- spleen (blank)
SPONDYL- vertebra (blank)
SPOR- seed, spore (blank)
squam- scale; thin plate of bone (blank)
STAL-, STOL- to send (blank)
STAPHYL- bunch of grapes; the bacterial genus Staphylococcus (blank)
STEAR-, STEAT- fat (blank)
STEN- narrow (blank)
STERC-, STERCOR- feces (blank)
STERN- breastbone n. sternum, -i
STHEN- strength (blank)
STOM-, STOMAT- mouth (blank)
STREPT- twisted; the bacterial genus Streptococcus (blank)
super- above, in the upper part of (blank)
SYNDESM- ligament (blank)
TACHY- quick, fast (blank)
tal- ankle, bone of the ankle joint m. talus, -i
TARS- instep of the foot, bones of the instep m. tarsus, -i
TAX- order, arrangement, coordination (blank)
TEL-, TELE- end, completion (blank)
tempor- temples; anterolateral portion of skull n. tempus, temporis
TEN-, TENON-, TENONT- tendon (blank)
tend-, tendin- tendon m, tendo, tendinis
TENS-, TENSI- tension, stretching, tone (blank)
TERAT- abnormal development (blank)
test-, testicul- testes, testicle(s) (blank)
THALAM- "chamber," thalamus m. thalamus, -i
THANAT- death (blank)
THEC- cover, sheath (blank)
THERM- heat; temperature (blank)
THORAC- chest m. thorax, thoracis
THROMB- clot; platelet (as abbreviation of thrombocyte) (blank)
tibi- shinbone, inner bone of the leg f. tibia, -ae
TOC- childbirth, labor (blank)
TOM- to cut, separate (blank)
TON- tone, tension, pressure (blank)
TOP- place (blank)
TOX- poison (blank)
TRACHE- trachea (major airway outside lungs) f. trachea, -ae
tract- to draw, drag m. tractus, tractus
TROPH- growth, nourishment (blank)
TYMPAN- tympanic membrane (blank)
uln- elbow, medial bone of the forearm f. ulna, -ae
URAN- palate, roof of the mouth (blank)
URE-, UREA-, UR-, URIN- urine (blank)
URETER- ureter (tube which conducts urine from the kidneys to the bladder) (blank)
URETHR- urethra (tube which conducts urine from the bladder to the external surface) (blank)
uter- uterus (blank)
uvul- uvula f. uvula, -ae
vagin- the vagina; any "sheath" structure (blank)
valv-, valvul- valve
vas- (blood) vessel, duct n. vas, vasis (irregular gen. pl. = vasorum)
vas- duct, vas deferens (blank)
ven- vein f. vena, -ae
ventr- belly, front surface (blank)
ventricul- ventricle n. ventriculum, -i
vers-, vert- to turn (blank)
vertebr- bone of the spinal column f. vertebra, -ae
vesic- bladder; any vesicle (a small sac containing liquid or gas) (blank)
vir-, viru-, virid- virus (blank)
viscer- internal organ, viscus n. viscus, visceris
vulv- vulva, female external genitalia (blank)
XANTH- yellow (blank)
XER- dry (blank)
ZO- animal, lving thing (blank)
ZYG- yoke, joining, pairing (blank)
ZYM- fermentation; enzyme (blank)
ALLO- other, differing from normal (blank)
DIPLO- double (blank)
HAPLO- single (blank)
HETERO- different, differing from normal (blank)
HOMO-, HOMEO- the same, alike (blank)
THIO- sulfur (blank)
NEO- new (blank)
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