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Suffixes: Med. Term.

Medical Terminology from Greek and Latin Roots. Suffixes. (GREEK in all caps)

-able capable of (being); able
-AC pertaining to; located at
-ACUSIA hearing
-ad forms adverbs; in the direction of, toward
-ALGIA pain
-(e)al pertaining to, located at
-(e)an pertaining to, located at
-ANASTOMOSIS an opening between two tubular structures
-ar pertaining to
-ARCHE beginning of
-ary pertaining to
-ase an enzyme
-ate (adj.) forms adjectives; possessing, having the quality of, characterized by
-ate (verb) forms verbs; to perform an action, to bring about an effect
-ate (noun) something resulting from a process
-ation act of, process of, result of, condition of
-CARCINOMA a malignant tumor (of epithelial origin)
-CELE swelling; hernia; (in obsolete terms) tumore
-CENTESIS surgical puncture with a needle
-cide an agent that kills
-CLASIA, -CLASIS breaking up, destruction; (surgical) fracture
-CLYSIS irrigation, injection of fluid
-CYESIS pregnancy
-CYTHEMIA, -CYTOSIS an excess of cells in the blood (of a cell type indicated by the base)
-DESIS fixation, fusion, binding
-DYNAMICS the science of motion under the influence of forces
-ECTASIA dilation, expansion
-ECTOMY excision, cutting out, surgical removal
-ECTOPY displacement
-EDEMA swelling, esp. with fluid
-EMESIS vomiting
-(H)EMIA a condition of the blood
-EMPHRAXIS stoppage, obstruction
-ent, -ant -ing; carrying out an action indicated by a verbal base (forms adjectives)
-ESTHESIA, adj. -ESTHETIC sensation, perception
-ferous bearing, carrying, bringing
-fistula an opening between two epithelial surfaces
-GAMY marriage, sexual union, reproduction
-GEN soemthing which produces
-GENESIS the act or process of producing; production of
-GENIC producing; produced by
-GENOUS produced by, arising in; producing
-GNOSIS understanding, knowledge, recognition
-GRAM a written record
-GRAPH an instrument which records; (sometimes) written record
-GRAPHY the act or process of recording in writing
-gravida a woman who has been pregnant
-ia/IA state of, condition of
-IASIS disease condition or process; esp. parasitic infection
-IATRICS medical treatment of, esp. indicating medical specialty, pertaining to the treatment of
-ible capable of (being); able
-IC pertaining to
-ICIAN a person who studies or practices
-ICS science of, study of
-ile pertaining to, capable of being
-in chemical substance
-in, -ine a chemical substance, often a hormone or protein
-ion act of
-ISCHEMIA loss or suppression of blood flow
-ISM state, condition, quality of
-IST a person who pratices or is skilled in
-ITIS inflammation
-ition (less frequent) the act of (verb)ing or the result of being (verb)ed
-ium, -eum part, lining, tissue or membrane
-ive pertaining to
-ient full ofq
-LITHIASIS a condition of stones in
-LYSIS destruction, disintegration; breaking down; dissolving, decomposition; surgical loosening
-MALACIA (abnormal) softening
-MEGALY (abnormal) enlargement
-MER molecule composed of repeating unites
-MERE part
-METER an instrument for measuring
-METRY the act of measuring
-NECROSIS pathological cell death
-ODYNIA pain
-OID like, resembling
-ol an alcohol, -OH group
-OLOGIST a person who studies or practices
-OLOGY study of, science of
-OMA tumor, neoplasm
-OPIA, -OPSIA vision
-or agent or instrument
-OREXIA appetite
-ose full of
-ose carbohydrate, sugar
-OSIS abnormal or diseased condition
-OSMIA sense of smell
-ous pertaining to, characterized by, full of
-pagus conjoined twin
-para a woman who has given birth
-PATHY any disease of
-PENIA lack, deficiency (esp. of a type of cell)
-PEPSIA digestion
-PEXY, -PEXIS fixation, fastening
-PHIL, -PHILE a cell or organism which has an affinity for
-PHILIA love; attraction to, affinity for; (psych) abnormal attraction to; (hist.) ability to accept a dye or stain
-PHOBE someone who fears; something which stains poorly
-PHOBIA (psych.) morbid fear of; avoidance of; (hist.) the quality of staining poorly with a dye
-PHOR something which bears or carries
-PHTHISIS wasting away, atropy; tuberculosis
-PHYLAXIS protection
-PLASIA formation, development (esp. of cells)
-PLASTY surgical repair or formation; plastic surgery
-PLEGIA paralysis
-PLOID (adj.) multiple in form; have a (specified) multiple of chromosomes
-PLOIDY (noun) the number of haploid sets in a cell
-PNEA breathing
-POIESIS formation, making, production
-PRAXIA doing, performance, action
-PTOSIS falling, drooping, prolapse, downward displacement
-PYREXIA fever
-RRHAGIA excessive flow or discharge, esp. of blood
-RRHAPHY surgical suture
-RRHEA flow, discharge
-RRHEXIS rupture, bursting
-SCHISIS splitting, fissure
-SCOPE an instrument for viewing or observing
-SCOPY the act of viewing, observation
-SEPSIS bacterial infection
-SIS action, process; state of, condition of
-SOME a body or mass
-STASIS, -STASIA a standing still, stoppage of flow
-STENOSIS abnormal narrowing
-STHENIA strength
-STOMY surgical formation of an opening
-THERAPIST a person trained or skilled in a type of therapy
-THERAPY, (adj.) -THERAPEUTIC medical treatment of; medical treatment by means of
-TOME a knife, cutting instrument
-TOMY incision, cutting
-TRIPSY surgical or therapeutic crushing( i.e. of a stone)
-TROPH a bacterium nourished by (with a base indicating necessary conditions for growth)
-TROPHY growth, nourishment
-ty state of, condition of
-URIA condtion of the urine or of urination
-valence, -valency (adj. -valent) chemical combining power
-y state of, condition of
Created by: vjbutterflyz
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