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The age ofAbsolution

Western Civ

What is Absolute monarch ? The monarch that has complete authority over government and the lives of people.
What is Divine Rights? The belief that authority to rule comes form directly god.
What is Balance of power? A distribution of military and economic strength that prevents any one nation from dominating.
Charles V (5) #2 sentences Expanded Spanish territory world wide by funding explorers. Ruled the Holy Roman empire
Tell me about the Holy Roman empire Central European union of territories ruled by the Hapsburg dynasty for most of the early modern era.
Abdication To give up power for retirement.
Phillip II(2) #3 sentences Ruled during the peak of Spanish power. Used his power to push back the protestant tide in Europe and advance catholic power world wide. The Inquisition continued under him but it was costly and weakened Spain.
Under who did the Golden Ages start under? Phillip the II
Under who did arts and music flourish? Phillip the II
Briefly describe Phillip problems with economics. Wealth caused inflation in Spain. The military control was expensive. Bankruptcy helped the northern colonies to declare independence.(dutch Netherlands)
The independence of the colonies was supported by who? Elizabeth I of Britain.
Elizabeth I (5 sentences) Daughter of Henry VII. (8) Catholics verses protestant. She was the last absolute monarch. She ruled the same time as Phillip II.She brought England back to a peaceful nation. She was the last Tudor monarch.Gave monarch to a younger cousin James I.
James I succeeded Elizabeth I. King of Scotland and England. First Stuart monarch of England. Had a limited monarchy.
What is limited monarchy? A constitution or legislative body that has equal or even more power than the queen/king.
Oliver Ruled after James when he was executed.
Charles the II (2) Had to do with Habeas Corpus.
Who helped to establish more representative democracy in England? Oliver Cromwell.
What is Habeas corpus? A person cannot e held as a prisoner without having been acussed of a crime.
English parliment is comparable to the? U.s Congress.
What is the Edict of nantes? Granted religious toleration to the Huguenots(protestants) Weakened the monarchs power.
Louis XII (13) Succeeded his father at 9 years old, and his mother ruled for him until he was old enough. Exiled his mother and executed her followers because she mismanaged the country.
Cardinal richelieu. Was the much needed adviser for Louis XIII (13)Helped him by intervening the 30 year war.
Thirty year war Originally a local religous war to the rest of Europe . Limited the power of the roman empire breaking the power of the erman states. Spain was severly weakened by this. The netherlands and Switzerlands became independent states.
What 2 states became independent from the thirty year war? The netherlands and Switzerland.
Louis XIV(14) Longest reign in Eurpean history, 72 years . Was one of the most powerful monarchs in French history. Establioshed the absolutle power of the monarchs that endured close to the French Revolution.
Who boosted French Economy? Jean babtiste colbert
The french economy boosted heloed Lous XIV(14) build stongest army in Europe and increase the cultural influence in France.
What is Mercantilism? An economic system that exploits colonies by using them as a source for raw materials and a marker for manufacuting goods. this system increased Louis XIV's wealth.
What was the seven year war? a world war that involed Britain and prussia that fought Russia , Austria , and France. Most of this fighting occured in central and north americas.
Haspburg Austria Primarily Catholic, first woman leader was Maria Theresa.
Prussia Frederick the great ruled Prussia and earned his name by successful military campaigns and strategies. Prussia became a great power by builiding military strength and counquering Silesia and dividing Poland.
What was the outcome of the Seven year war? Austria never regained Silesia and didnt change. France lost power to Prussia when Petter III withdrew from russian support. Prussia consolidated its power as a leading German state but didnt unify Germany.
Peter the Great Had the goal of strengthening Russia by improving tecolodgy , expanding technolodgy and increasing trade. This forced Russia to accept social reforms.
Who forced Russia to accept social reforms and what did he want Russia to be more like? Peter the Great and Western Europe.
Who saught warm water ports and who later accomplished this? Peter the great and Catherine the Great in the Black sea.
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