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Am. Gov't Unit 4

Macgruder's American Government Unit 5

What are the 3 qualifications to be President? Must be 35 years old, be a natural born citizen, be a U.S. citizen
According to this admendment, a president may serve for no more than ten years 22nd Amendment
Presidential succession is Vice President, Speaker of the House ____ president pro tempore of the Senate
To regain power after the vice president takes over a president must informing Congress that he or she is no longer disabled
If the presidential vote in the electoral college results in a tie who decides the presidency The House
Presidential powers are greatest during Times of emergency
this is when the president does not sign a bill and thus it does not become law pocket veto
Another name for a Cabinet position is department
This is the newest cabinet department Department of Homeland Security
Merit became the basis of all civil service jobs under this act Pendleton Act
Civil service is a system in which public employees are hired based on qualification
A treaty is a formal agreement made between two or more nations
a general pardon offered to a group of lawbreakers amnesty
mercy or leniency given in cases involving federal offenses clemency
postponement of the execution of a sentence imposed by a court reprieve
a reduction in the severity of a sentence or fine imposed by a court commutation
legal forgiveness of a crime pardon
When the president says this country has the right to exist recognition
This does not require senate approval executive agreement
This placed strict limits on the President’s powers as commander in chief War Powers Resolution
negotiated by the President must be approved by a two thirds vote of the Senate. treaty
A foreign diplomat posted in the United States who is recalled by the President is called persona non grata
Term for the President/Commander of the nation's armed forces Commander in Chief
Mercy or leniency to an offender by the chief executive clemency
The Vice President will take over for the President if something happens to him/her 25th Amendment
civilian employees who perform the administrative work of government civil service
The plan to fill a presidential vacancy presidential succession
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