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Runyan Sem. Final

Test questions for Civics Final Exam

What controls society through the passage of laws? Government
1) Of the four essential features of a state, which one is defined as having supreme and absolute power with its own territory? Sovereignty
Of the various forms of government, which three are practiced in the United States? 1)Democracy 2)Federal 3)Presidential
Of the economic systems which one has the most government control of the economy? Communism
People are the source of political power and give it to government that in turn provides the people with protection. Social Contract
Which is not a reason the Declaration of Independence was written? To explain the branches of the new government in the United States.
What organization issued the Declaration of Independence? Second Continental Congress
TRUE OR FALSE: Under the Articles of Confederation only states had the power to tax. True
Who is considered the most influential writer of the Constitution? James Madison
Which plan for government made prior to writing the Constitution wanted a stronger central government? Virginia Plan
Which plan for government written before the Constitution was favorable for the small states? New Jersey Plan
This plan or compromise led directly to the need of the three-fiths compromise. The Connecticut Compromise
Upon finishing the Constitution the founding fathers thought ratification would be A) EASY , or B) DIFFICULT. Difficult
How many states were required to ratify before the Constitution would go into effect? 9 out of 13
Where did the states vote to ratify or not ratify? Special ratifying conventions
TRUE OR FALSE: The framers set the ratification procedure up to ensure success. True
TRUE OR FALSE: The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to help with ratification. True
Which basic principle of the constitution is described as, "the people are the source of government power." Popular sovereignty
Which basic principle of the constitution is described as, “government is not all powerful and can only do those things that the people give it the power to do.” Limited government
Which court case led to the reinforcement of the supremacy clause? McCulloch v. Maryland
Which court case led to the establishment of judicial review? Marbury V. Madison
What is defined as “all the eligible voters?” Electorate
Because we require people to register to vote, what percent of voters do we lose from the electorate? 30%
When the electorate has been expanded, voter turnout typically goes down. Only one time did the turnout increase, what group got the right to vote when turnout went up? Women (19th Amendment, 1920)
What group got the right to vote and cause turnout to go down to record levels? 18 year olds (26th Amendment, 1971)
What is the number one source of where Americans get their news? Local T.V.
The Watergate Scandal was an example of what role for the media ? Watchdog
What role of the media had the media alerting the world to what is going on? Signaler
Overall, is media considered to be conservative or liberal? Liberal
In the run for President, what took place in the Summer of 2011? Candidates announced their intent to seek the party’s nomination for President.
In the run for President, what took place from January to March of 2012? Candidates run campaigns to secure delegates for the convention . The candidate with the most delegates secures their party’s nomination.
In the run for President, what took place in August and September of 2012? Each party held their national convention to select their Presidential candidate.
On what specific day are the general elections of public officials, including the President of the United States? It occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
What type of committee is set up to iron out a single version of a bill that passed both houses of Congress in different versions? Conference committee
TRUE OR FALSE: A bill must pass both houses of Congress to the next are called? True
TRUE OR FALSE: Most bills die in committee. True
How often are members of the US House of Representatives elected? Every Two years
Which house of Congress is based on equal representation? The United States Senate
How many members are there in the US House of Representatives? 435
How many House members are up for reelection every two years? All of them
Every 2 years how many senate members are up for reelection? 1/3 of them
Because congress is made up of 2 houses, it is called a… Bicameral legislature
The official who presides over the House is the… Speaker of the House
Who is the President of the Senate? Vice President of the US (currently, Joe Biden)
TRUE OR FALSE: The job of Congress is to enforce the laws of the United States. False
Which traditional requirement for House members is NOT in the Constitution? Must live in the district being represented (district boundaries may change, but people may want the same representative).
Which president role, does the President play when he directs the Armed Services? Commander in Chief
Which is not a requirement to be President of the United States? Former government experience
TRUE OR FALSE: A president can serve a maximum of ten years in office. True
The main job of the Executive Branch is to… Enforce laws
The President’s tern of office is 4 years and he has a limit of two terms. This was only a tradition in the beginning set by Washington. What president violated this tradition by being elected four times? Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This led to passage of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, setting a presidential term limit of two full terms and/or ten years in office.
In the run for President, what took place on the first Tuesday after first Monday in November (11/6)? Election day where the citizens make their suggestions as to who should be the President.
In the run for President, what took place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (12/17)? Electors cast their votes to who should be President of the US; done in their state capitals.
In the run for President, what takes place on January 6th, 2013? Electoral votes are counted in a joint session of Congress
In the run for President, what takes place on January 20th, 2013? Inauguration Day: President sworn in
What way of selecting delegates is done by the voters selecting candidates in a traditional election method? Primaries
How many electoral votes are required to win the presidency? 270
What are local party meeting where delegates for the national convention are chosen? (Iowa is an example) Caucuses
How many electors does each state receive for the Electoral College? Same as their number of members in Congress
What type of group of people seeks to control the government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office? political parties
What is the ultimate goal of political parties? They want to run government.
11. Which of the following is NOT a role that the minor parties play? A. Bring out the issues B. Force issues C. start revolutions They do not start revolutions. They do both of the other two actions.
What is any political party other than the Democrats and Republicans called? They are called a third party.
Created by: Mr. O'Dell
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