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2T251 CDC V1

General knowledge UREs

When performing duties in AFSC 2T251, which title best describes you? Air Transportation Journeyman
Performing anti-hijacking inspections, which function are you performing? Passenger Service
if you are coordinating with other work centers to ensure the loading process runs smoothly and on time, which function are you performing? Air Terminal Operations Center(ATOC)
if you are a part of the traffic managment specialty in the transportation carrer field, which duties would you perform? Packaging, classifying, and arranging personal property for ashipment or storage.
Which specialty does not fall under the transportation and vehicle managment career field? Air Traffic Control
Which term refers to the movement of personnel, units, supplies, and equipment from deployed positions within or between area of responsibilty(AOR)? Redeployment
which command provides common-user and commercial air, land, and sea transportation? USTRANSCOM
Which command is the link between DOD shippers and the commercial transpertation carrier industry? Surface Deployment and Distribution Command(SDDC)
Which command is the USTRANSCOM single component comand for air mobility and provides airlift, air refueling, special air mission, and aeromedical evacuation services? AMC
Which agency serves as AMC strategic air operationshub and plans, directs, schedules, and tracks aircraft operations worldwide? Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC)
Through which system does the Air Force provide rapid global mobility to the defense transportation system(DTS)? National Air Mobility System(NAMS)
Which is a station that serves as an authorized port to process and clear aircraft and traffic for entrance into the country in which it is located? Aerial Port of Debarkation(APOD)
The coordinated use, synchronization, and sharing of two or more military departments' logistics forces is called? joint logistics
Which type of organization is created to accomplish mission with specific, limited objectives and is dissolved when no linger needed? joint task force
How many pallets can the C-17 hold in its aerial delivery system and its logistics rail system respectively? 11 and 18
which aircraft can hold up to six pallets and is capable of landing on dirt strips? C-130
which pallet positions on a C-130J(stretch) require safety aisles? 4, 5, and 8
a single pallet loaded in pallet position 5 on a C-130H can be a maximum of how many pounds? 8,500 lbs
what is the Civil Reserve Air Fleet(CRAF) designed to do? augment DOD's airlift capability in times of war or during a president-declared emergency
which stage of Civil Reserve Air Fleet(CRAF) activation aupports major regional conflicts or a major theater war? Stage II Defense Airlift Emergency
if wearing eyeglasses and bulky uniform items with cords and strings, what must you do before working around moving parts and machinery? secure them to minimize the hazard
if you acccidentally damaged the halvorsen loader by running into the concrete barriers on your way to load an aircraft, to whom should you report the damage and when? your supervisor, IMEDIATELY!
if you are driving a special purpose vehicle whithin 25ft of an aircraft, what is the maximum mph you can drive? 5
when is it authorized to come between a taxing aircraft and its follow-me guide? NEVER!
if you need to leave you vehicle unattended on the flight line, what is required? turn off ignition, place in reverse/park, set parking brake, leave keys in ignition, and vehicle unlocked, chock the front and back of one rear wheel
if stopped on the flight line at night and your headlights are on, what should you do if an aircraft is taxing towards your area? turn your headlights off and your emergency flashers on instead.
if crossing the active runway and you see a flashing white light signal, what action whould you take? return to your starting point
if you are crossing the active runway and see a flashing red light signal, what action should you take? clear the active runway
if you are crossing the active runway and see a staedy red light signal, what action should you take? STOP! your vehicle will not be moved
if you are crossing the active runway and see a red and green light signal, what action should you take? general warning, exercise extreme caution.
when planning and schedulingwork assignments and priorities, what must you do when you discover a piece of equipment is out of commision and it will affect your ability to perform the mission? find out what is wrong with it, when it wil be fixed, and notify your chain of command.
when assigning personnel to work crews, which of the following is not a consideration? assigning then to the same duties every day
once you have assigned people to various work crews, you must ensure that they... know exactly who is filling which role and what you expect from each member
youy supervisor referred you to the Defense Transportation Regulation(DTR) to look up info about JI procedures. after locating the DTR through the AF portal, in which part would you look? part III
you are working in the pax terminal helping a customer determine if he and his family are sllowed to fly space-a on a DOD aircraft. in which pub would you look? DOD 4515.13-R Air Transportation Eligibilty
you are searching for the publication titled Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipment and are at the menu of AF publications where they are functionally grouped. now you select the... 24-series pubs link and locate the AF manual.
a coworker wants help determining if two pieces of haz cargo are compatible with each other. in which pub would you look? Air Force Manual(AFMAN) 24-204(I)
you want to find out if the 36M2-3-45 technical order(TO) is still current, in which TO would you look? Air Force TO catalog
you are loading tanks on a C-17 aircraft and wnat to find specific loading procedures for the items. which section of the 1C-17A-9 TO would you refer to first? Section VI
in the aircraft -9 series TO, the loading procedures in which section have precedence over intructions in section IV? Section VI
which volume of the USAF War and Mobilization Plan(WMP) provides the basis for planning and pre-positioning of war reserve material(WRM)? WMP-4
Joint Operations Planning and Execution System(JOPES) is both a process and a collection of automated computer sustems used to develop... operational plans(OPLANS) and time-phased force and deployment data(TPFDDs)
which ipmortant part of the tiem-phased force and deployment data(TPFDD) is identified by a five-digit alphanumeric code and is simply a capability? Unit Type Code(UTC)
War Reserve Material(WRM) is equipment and other resources, authorized for wartime to maximize war-fighting capability, that are positioned as... swing stock and starter stock or a combination of both
the benifit of pre-positioning war reserve material(WRM) is to? reduce the amount of time, resources, and effort it takes to transpot equipment to the necessary locations during combat operations
which 463L pallets and nets are designated as war resever material(WRM)? only 463L pallets and nets required for the movement of other WRM assets
if you are tasked to manifest, transport, and load pax, to which deployment work center would you be assigned? Personnel deployment function(PDF)
if many pax are departing from their own home station of the installation is designated as an "affregation Aerial Port of Embarkation(APOE)", the Personnel Deployment Function(PDF) can establish what to manifest, transport, and load pax? Air Passsenger Terminal(APT)
if you , as a Cargo Deployment Function(CDF) representative, have directed the deploying unit to move from the marshaling area, to which area will they move? Alert holding area
if you, as a Cargo Deployment Function(CDF) representative, have directed the deploying unit, to move from the alert holding are, to which area will they move? call foward area
Which pallet positions on a C-130H require safety aisles? 3, 4, and 6 only
If you are performing a joint inspection(JI) in the Cargo Deployment Function(CDF), in which area of activity are you working? Call forward area.
If you are directing aircraft loading and supervising load team mambers in the cargo deployment function(CDF), in which area of activity are you working? Ready line/loading ramp area
if the deploying uncit can no longer make changes to the cargo, in which cargo deployment function(CDF) area of activity is it located? Ready line/loading ramp area
after a joint inspection(JI) is complete, copies of the DD Form 2133, joint airlift inspection record, are distributed to all of the following except the... installation deployment officer for review and approval.
before the deplying unti can claim their cargo is exempt from inspection due to sight-sensitivity, they must first receive approval from? the service or major command having operational control of the aircraft.
when completing the heading information on the DD form 2133, hoint airlift inspection record, what information wil you enter in block 6, "start time: the local time the joint inspection actually started
during a joint inspectin, after the deploying unit corrects an item previously found to have descrepancies, you will identify that on the DD Form 2133, joint airlift inspection record, by... circling the "X"
before a vehicle can ve accepted for airlift on a C-17 with 3/4 tank of fuel, the deploying unit must have? chapter 3 authorization
before a vehicle can be accepted for airlift on a KC-10 with 3/4 tank of fuel, the deploying unit must have? vehicles on KC-10s are never allowed to carry 3/4 tank of fuel.
before any department of transportation(DOT) 5L jerricans can be accepted for airflift, the must be... completely drained of fuel.
before a vehicle with an accompanying load can be accepted for airlift suring a joint inspection, its cargo must be restrained with a minimum of? 1/2 inch diameter rope
during a joint inspection, if a pallet is dirty and the dirt cannot be swept off, what must occur before the pallet can be accepted for airlift? the deploying unit must steam clean and/or power wash it.
durin a joint inspection, before a pallet can be accepted for airlift, what must you ensure in terms of dunnage requirements? three pieces, each measuring 4x4x88 and made of the proper material, accompanies each pallet
after a joint inspection is complete, who signs the DD Form 2133, joint airlift inspection record? the deploying unit represenative and the qualified mobility force inspector.
which type of airdrop requires no parachute? freedrop
which type of airdrop requires stabilization parachutes to hold the loads upright? high-velocity
which method of airdrop begins with a 15-foot drogue parachute deploying and ends with the main cargo parachute deploying after the platform exit the aircraft? extraction
what is the capacity of the A-7A cargo sling when three straps are used? 400 pounds
what is the capacity of the A-22 cargo bag? 2,200 pounds
what is the maximum and minimum drop weights of the type V airdrop platform? 42,000 and 2,500 pounds
each ring on the type V airdrop platform can restrain up to how many pounds? 5,000
which parachute will support between a 501 and 2,200 pound drop weight? G-12E
which parachute has a drop capacity 200-500 pounds? G-14
which parachute can produce a drag of up to 28,000 pounds? extraction
which form will you use as a guide throughout the vehicle inspection process? AF Form 1800, operator's inspection guide and trouble report
the purpose of the before-operation vehicle inspection is to ensure? the vehicle is safe and in commission before you operate it.
which information are you required to put in the designated shift/signature block of the AF form 1800, operators inspection guide and trouble report, once you complete the inspection? last name only
which forklift is handy when working in tight spaces because its short wheelbase allows you to make tight turns? 4K
which forklift has a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds and can lift up to 150 inch high? 10K
when approaching the ramp ofor final positioning, what feature of the 10K should you use to have smooth, positive control? inching pedal
how do you position the tines when parking a forklift? tilt the mast so the tines are level with the ground and lower the forks flat.
which k-loader has a deck range from 39 to 156 inches and can be used to load all aircraft except the KC-10 and the main cargo floors of the B-747 and DC-10? 25k
which cab controls on the tunner are used to operate the deck functions when on /offloading cargo the deck and conveyor control panel
operating the starter continuously on the tunner for longer than a minimum of how many seconds will cause it ot overheat? 30
after cranking the starter on the tunner for 30 seconds without a successful start, allow the starter to cool down for how many minutes before trying again? 2
in case of an engine failure or hydraulic pump failure when driving, the halvorsen has an electrically powered hydraulic pump within the hydraulic system that instantly and automatically operates for how many seconds? 30
in which part of a vehicle inspection on a bus would you check to make sure the emergency door is operational, including the warning buzzer, and that nothing is blocking it? during operation
in which part of a vehicle inspection will you clean and refuel the bus, if necessary, and ensure passengers did not damage any part of the bus interior? after operation.
at least how far away from an aircraft should you adjust the staircase truck stairs to the desired height before proceeding? 10 feet
which feature of the baggage conveyor is portable, allowing you to carry it into the belly of an aircraft, if necessary? front control
which feature of tthe baggage conveyor minimizes baggage from falling off the belt? guide rails
how do you know when the waste tank on the lavatory service truck(LST) is full? look through the sight window
which feature of the lavatory service truck(LST) measures the amount of rinse-fill solution being pumped inside of an aircraft or air transportable galley/lavatory(ATGL) flow meter
which feature on the portable water truck pump compartment must you always make sure is zeroed out before use? the meter
before operation the water pump on the portable water truck, you must ensure the tank contains at least how many gallons? 40
what towing mistake can easily bend or break trailer tongues and render the equipment untransportable? jack-knifing.
how fast you can tow equipment depends on what factors? the type of equipment and how many you are towing only.
which part of a pintle hook assembly will be used in all pintle hook towing operations? safety/cotter pin
during a joint inspection, if the deploying unit cannot correct the discrepancies with their cargo right away, to what area will you send the cargo until it is corrected? frustrated cargo area
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