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Anatomy Vocab #8

Anatomy/Physiology Vocabulary Words #176-200

A colloidal system which is a solid or semisolid mass consisting of solid and liquid phases. Gel
The determiner of a heritable characteristic. Gene
The study of the inheritance of characteristics. Genetics
The genetic makeup of an individual. Genotype
A specialized group of cells that manufactures materials which are released in the form of secretions. Gland
The excretion of sugar in the urine. Glycosuria
Small bodies in the cytoplasm of most animal cells, concerned with the formation of secretions. Golgi Apparatus
A general term applied to a reproductive organ. Gonad
Those parts of the Central Nervous System having nerve tissue lacking a medullary sheath. Gray Matter
A small canal in bone tissue, occupied by a blood vessel. Haversian Canal
The iron compound that is combined with globin to from hemoglobin. Hematin
A chemical compound of iron and protein that is responsible for the transport of oxygen around the body. Hemoglobin
An inherited defect in which the blood does not clot normally. Hemophilia
The statement of the solubility of gases in a liquid. Henry's Law
The condition in which an individual possesses both genes for a pair of contrasting characteristics. Heterozygous
The branch of the biological sciences dealing with the microscopic structure of tissues. Histology
The maintenance of a steady state by the coordinated activities of various organ systems. Homeostasis
A term used in describing parts of the body that are similar in structure and origin. Homologous
A term used to describe warm blooded animals in which the internal temperature remains more or less uniform. Homeothermic
Referring to the condition in which an individual possesses only one type of gene for a given characteristic. Homozygous
A chemical messenger produced by an endocrine gland. Hormone
The degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Hydrogen Ion Concentration
A chemical process in which a molecule of water combines with another compound, reducing it to a simpler form. Hydrolysis
A prefix denoting an excess of a substance. Hyper
A defeat of vision in which the focal point of the lens falls behind the retina due to a shortening of the eyeball. Hyperopia
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