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Ancient Israel stuff

Why was Canaan frequently fought over? It was an important trading route and marketplace due to it's location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and because it included fertile plains, grassy slopes, and arid deserts.
Which groups of people inhabited Ancient Israel /Palestine? The Jews and the Palestinians.
Where did the original Jews come from? Mesopotamia
Why did the Jews believe God had given them this "Promised Land"? He was rewarding them for living by His laws.
What were the original Palestinians know as ? "Philistines"
What does philistine mean? "invader from the west"
Did the Jews and Palestinians fight often? yes
When King Saul battled the Palestinians could he defeat them? no
Who was King David? A shepherd boy made the second king of Israel after he defeated Goliath.
What did Kind David unify 12 tribes into? A single nation.
What did King David make Jerusalem? Israel's capital city and religious center.
What did King David write? psalms
psalm Poems and hymns worshiping God.
When did King Solomon rule? 961-922 B.C.E.
When does the kingdom divide? 922 B.C.E.
What number king was David? second
What was Solomon's relationship with David? Solomon was the son of David.
What number king was Solomon? third
What did King Solomon build for Jehovah? a great temple
What was King Solomon known for? Solomon was known for bringing peace, increasing trade, and being very wise.
What did the ancient Jews believe god had given them for living by His laws? a "Promised Land"
What happens after Solomon? the kingdom divides
When does the kingdom divide? 922 B.C.E.
What were the names of the two new kingdoms? Israel (north) and Judah (south).
What is an alternate spelling for Judah? Judea
When was Israel conquered by the New Assyrians? 721 B.C.E.
Who was Israel conquered by? the New Assyrians
Who was Judah conquered by? the Neo Babylonians
When was Judah conquered by the Neo Babylonians and taken to Babylon? circa 580 B.C.E.
Why did the Jews return to Judah? Cyrus the Great ended Babylon Captivity.
Who will conquere the Jews around 600 years later? the Romans
What does the term Hebrew refer to? The descendents of Abraham.
When does Jacob's name get changed to Israel? When Jacob wrestled with God.
After Jacob's name is Israel, what are his descendents referred to as? Israelites
What are the people of Israel called? Israelites
What are the people of Judah called? Jewish people
After the 10 tribes disappear, they are no longer really referred to as Israelites. true
When did the Romans brutally put down a Jewish uprising in Judah? 73 CE
What happened to many Jews? Many Jews were killed or enslaved.
What is known as the "Diaspora"? When the survivors of the Roman attack fled to safer regions.
What are the only remains of the Second Temple left by the Romans? The Wailing Wall.
Who brutally put down a Jewish uprising in 73 CE? the Romans
Many Jews were what and enslaved? killed
Red Sea bunny ears
Who starts monotheism? Abraham
monotheism The belief in one God.
Who started Judaism? Abraham
covenant A promise or agreement.
Who makes a covenant with God? Abraham
What does Abraham mean? Father of many.
What is Abram's name changed to? Abraham
Why was Abram's name changed? To mark his covenant with God.
Who leads the Exodus from Egypt? Moses
Moses parts what sea as the Israelites escape Egypt? the Red Sea
What does God do when Pharaoh refuses to let the Israelites go? He punishes Egypt with 10 terrible plagues.
What does Moses receive from God? the 10 commandments
What was the Israelites' responsibility to God? To obey His covenant and worship only Him.
When does David expand the Kingdom of Israel? circa 1000 BCE
What did King Solomon build in Jerusalem? Solomon built the great First temple.
What was an example of an industry Solomon developed? The copper mining industry.
When does Sargon of Akkad create his first empire? circa 2350-2250 BCE
When are the first cities of Mesopotamia set up? 3500 BCE
When does Cyrus the Great take over Neo Babylonia and end Babylonian Captivity? 539 BCE
When did Hammurabi of first Babylonia rule? 1792-1750 BCE
When did Shamshi-Adad of first Assyria rule? 1813-1781 BCE
When is the Ziggurat at Ur constructed? 2600 BCE
When does Abraham move Canaan and start a new religion? 1350 BCE
When did Nebuchadnezzaar rule Neo Babylonia? 605-562 BCE
When do groups of hunters and gatherers settle along the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers and start farming? 8500 BCE
When does Nebuchadnezzar invades Jerusalem and burns down the Great Temple of Jerusalem? 587 BCE
When are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon constructed? 600 BCE
When do the Sumerians invent the wheel and the sailboat to help them transport goods? 3500 BCE
When do writers simplify pictographs in wedge-shaped cuneiform? 2400 BCE
When does Moses leads the Exodus out of Egypt? 1300 BCE
When do the Jews move to Canaan? circa 1950 BCE
What are the first five books of the Hebrew Bible found in? the Torah
What does the Torah contain? The written records and teachings of the Jews and 613 commandments.
Where did Abraham come from? near Ur
What caused the Jews to flee to Egypt? famine
What happened to the Israelites when they were in Egypt? The Israelites were enslaved when they were in Egypt.
What could Abraham and his wife Sarah be seen as? The parents of the Jews.
Who were the 12 tribes descended from? Jacob
Who's grandson was Jacob? Abraham's
When did Moses live in Egypt? the 1300s
How long did the Israelites travel through the desert and wilderness before reaching Canaan? 40 years
Why did David defeat Goliath? David defeated Goliath because he mocked God.
synagogue A building or meeting place for Jewish worship and instruction.
rabbi teacher; the leader of a Jewish congregation
What is the exodus? The escape of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery to freedom.
prophet a person who expresses the will of God
Jewish Diaspora the scattering of the Jewish people outside of their homeland
When did the Jewish Diaspora begin? 586 BCE
messiah a savior who many Jews believe had been promised to them by God
What is Judaism's most sacred text? the Torah
What is my acronym for ancient cities in northeastern Africa? MJTAEINMK
MjTAEiNMK Miroku, Jinenji, Tanuki, Ayame, Entei, inuyasha, Naraku, Mikosan, Kagome
What is my acronym for modern cities in northeastern Africa? PsAC
PsAC Public service Announcement Crew
What is my acronym for ancient monument sites in northeastern Africa? GLAs
GLAs Glass=Light And sand
Gulf of Suez in between bunny ears
Why the blue Nile is on the right. It is closer to the ocean and therefore is blue.
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