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English for the catering industry

Soup made from vegetables and meat BROTH
To cook bread in an oven BAKE
To cook fish, meat or vegetables in an oven ROAST
To cook in oil or fat at a high heat FRY
Inside parts of an animal such as kidneys or liver OFFAL
Fres meat from pigs PORK
Food served at the beginning of a meal APPETIZERS
To cut food into small pieces TO CHOP
To cook in water TO BOIL
To cook slowly in liquid TO SIMMER
Meat from a young cow VEAL
To cook food by putting it into boiling water for a short time TO BLANCH
Kitchen utensil used for making pastry flat and thin befor you cook it ROLLING PIN
The two parts of an egg YOLK AND WHITE
Adding too many spices and hebs will make the food taste like this SPICY
Adding too much chilli pepper will make the food taste like this HOT
If you add too much salt, the food will taste like this SALTY
To cook food on or under a direct flame TO GRILL
To decorate a dish TO GARNISH
To fry in a little fat at a high temperature TO SAUTÉ
To cook meat and vegetables in liquid TO STEW
To cut food into small cubes TO DICE
To cut into large, thin pieces TO SLICE
Kitchen appliance used for blending food FOOD PROCESSOR
This food is uncooked RAW
Uncooked mixture of water and flour to make bread DOUGH
To press and fold dough before it is cooked to make bread TO KNEAD
A thin round flat food made by cooking a mixture of flour, eggs, and milk PANCAKE
To cook for too long TO OVERCOOK
To prepare fish or meat for cooking by removing the bones TO DEBONE
To add wine or other liquid to (a pan in which meat has been roasted or sauteed) so as to make a sauce that incorporates the cooking juices TO DEGLAZE
To pour fat or juices over meat during cooking in order to keep it moist TO BASTE
To hold together pieces of food by using a wooden or metal pin TO SKEWER
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