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Path 20

Pathology of the Breast

What hormonally related changes occur to the breast at puberty lobular unints develop
What Hormonally related changes occur with pregnancy pronounced lobules, highly vacuolated lobular epithelium, lumens distended with secretions
What hormonally related changes occur when a woman is post-menopausal involutional changes with lobular atrophy, related to increase in fat
What is the appearance of an invasive carcinoma on mammography spiculated mass
What is the implications of microcalcifications on mammography seen in up to 50% of carcinomas commonly present in benign condition
What are the pros and cons of a core biopsy Pros-Minimally invasive adn can discriminate invasive from non-invasive Cons: small sample so may not be representative
Pros and Cons of a lumpectomy Pros: often therapeutic Cons: may not fully excise the lesion, requiring additional surgery, requires anesthesia, may require post operative radiation
What is acute mastitis usually occurs with breast feeding caused by S. aureus
What happens if you do not treat acute mastitis you risk abscess development
What is the etiology of granulomatous mastitis foreign material, mycobacterial infection, sarcoidosis are some etiologies
What is it called with the ducts of the breast are dilated (both large and intermediate) and filled with histiocytes and inspissated secretions, adn surrounded by fibrosis adn chronic inflammation Mammary Duct Extasia
Who gets mammary duct ectasia? older or younger women older women
Where in the breast do you see mammary duct ectasia subareolar
What is the cause of fat necrosis trauma, response to ruptured cyts in fibrocystic changes
What is the determining factor that increases risk of carcinoma with fibrocytic changes risk for carcinoma determined by the presence of ductal hyperplasia, especially atypical ductal hyperplasia
What is a radial scar central fibroelastotic core with radiated ducts and lobules often with superimposed proliferative changes (benign)
You have a 20 year old women who comes to you with a non-cystic mass that is smooth and movable what is the likely diagnosis fibroadenoma
Do older or yonger women get intraductal papillomas older average age is 50 (will occur in large ducts in older women and small ducts in younger women)
Where do nipple papillomas arise In the ducts within the niple may appear as nipple discharge, erosion, subareolar mass or simulate paget's disease
Do you worry about the risk of invasive carcinoma in the contralateral or ipsilateral or both breast with Ductal carcinoma in situ Ipsilateral
Where do you worry about invasive carcinoma with Lobular carcinoma in situ, ipsilateral, contralateral or both breasts Worry about both breasts
What is Paget's disease In situ carcinoma with tumor cells confined within epithelium of the nipple
Paget's disease is usually associated with? underlying carcinoma (in situ or invasive)
What are some risk factors for invasive carcinoma Family History, genetics, hormonal status, Radiation exposure, Proliferative breast disease, Dietary fat?
What is the most common invasive carcinoma invasive ductal carcinoma
what is the second most common invasive carcinoma Invasive lobular carcinoma
Does invasive ductal or lobular carcinoma present with a mass invasive ductal carcinoma is more likely to present with a mass
Grade of breast cancer is based on? degree of differentiation, nuclear atypia, mitotic activity (GRADE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR PROGNOSIS)
What lymph nodes are sites for spread of breast cancer Axillary, Internal mammary lymph nodes and supraclavicular
What is the "leaf like" tumor Phylloides tumor
What are some possible etiologies of male gynecomastia Puberty, hypogonadism, cirrhosis, estrogen therapy
There is a higher risk of breast cancer in men with this genetic disease... Klinefelter's syndrome
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