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Path 19

Cytolpathology Tutorial

What is carincoma in situ when the epithelium is completely replaced by cells having the characteristics of "cancer" cells
What is dysplasia epithelial changes "less than" carcinoma in situ, usually graded as mild, moderate or severe
What is the CIN for severe dysplasia CIN III
What is the CIN for carcinoma in situ CIN III
What are some limitations of cytopathology Hard to classify tumor type, specimen is lmitied to the surface of the lesion, extent and depth of invasion cannot be determined, exact location may not be pinpointed
The accuracy of cytodiagnosis is dependent on ??? factors Experience of the collector and examiner, sampling method used, and target organ to be sampled
Is cytologic testing more sensitive or specific Speceificity is higher (can rule in (spIN) not rule out snOUT)
What are some causes of error in cytodiagnosis Inadequate sampling, Poor fixation or inadequate cell preservation, suboptimal laboratory techniques and staining
What is the best indicator of the biological potential of the cell the cell nucleus
What do the nuclei of malignant cells look like enlarged hyperchromatic nuclei leading to an increased nuclear;cytoplasmic ratio
What does it mean when a nucleus is enlarged there is DNA synthesis
What does hyperchromasia indicate More DNA/chromatin per unit area, DNA/RNA synthesis
What does it mean when there is a high N:C ratio cell is differentiated more likely proliferating
what does it indicate when the chromatin are irregular more nuclear activity in more areas of the nucleus, active transcription in areas of euchromatin
Created by: UVAPATH1