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MacGruders 08 ch.p 7

cp ch.p 7

nomination naming of those who will seek offive
general election regularly scheduled elections at which voters make the final selection of officeholder
caucus a group of like-minded people who meet to select the candidates they will support in the upcoming election
direct primary an intra-party election
closed primary a party's nomination election in which only declared party members can vote
open primary a party's nominating election in which any qualified voter can cast a ballot
blanket primary a different version of the open primary
runoff primary two top votegetters in the first primary face one another for the party's nomination
nonpartisan election elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels
absentee voting when a person can vote without going to the polling place
coattail effect occurs when a strong candidate running for an office at the top of the ballot help attract voters to other candidates on the party's tickets
precinct a voting district
polling place the place when people place their votes
ballot the device by which a voter registers a choice in an election
subsidy a grant of money usually from a government
soft money funds given to party organizations for such "party-building activities"
hard money money raised and spent to elect candidates for congress and the white house
Created by: mlwhittier
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