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Eng2 SATvocab Ch 1-5

For Mrs. Rooks English 2 Pre-AP class. Ch 1-5 in the SAT Vocab book

factious causing disagreement
ignoble dishonorable; shameful
boor a rude or impolite person
aegis a shield; protection
perspicacity keenness of judgment
fervent eager
rectify to correct; to make right
enervate to weaken
besiege to overwhelm
ephemeral lasting a brief time
altruism carrion
erotic pertaining to sexual love
amorphous shapeless
opulent rich; wealthy
impotent powerless
antithesis exact opposite
maelstrom whirlpool or an agitated state of mind
emendation a correction
chagrin embarrassment
bauble a showy but useless thing
diaphanous very sheer and light
labyrinth a maze; a complicated network of winding passages
gloat to brag; to look at or think about with great satisfaction
impediment a barrier
bestial savage; brutal
effete worn out
shard a fragment
bland dull; tasteless
nihilism a rejection of laws
pedestrian ordinary and dull
bona fide in good faith
adventitious accidental
fecund fertile
deviate to stray; to turn aside from a course
obfuscate to confuse; bewilder
impale to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
extenuate to lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses
parochial narrow; limited (sometimes referred to a point of view)
glower to glare; to stare at angrily
edify to improve someone morally
ambiguous open to more than one interpretation
cataclysm a violent change
optimum best; most favorable
importune to beg; to ask persistently
celibate abstaining from intercourse
fortuitous happening by chance or accident
recapitulate to summarize
perfunctory done with care
baroque overly decorated
hedonism pursuit of pleasure
obloquy strong disapproval
debacle a complete failure
quasi resembling; seeming
besmirch to stain; to make dirty
imperative extremely necessary
sacrosanct extremely holy
sadistic deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others
demeanor behavior
facetious comical
fop a fashionable man
imprecation a course
non sequitur something that does not logically follow
sanguine cheerful; optimistic
bowdlerize to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
impair to weaken; cause to become worse
panegyric an expression of praise
quandary a puzzling situation; a dilemma
ebullient enthusiastic
deference respect; consideration
carnal relating to physical appetite, especially sexual
nebulous hazy; vague; uncertain
rakish carefree; dashing; jaunty
elegy a sad or mournful poem
pedantic tending to show off one's learning
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