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Kirkland Vocab

ponderous adj, very heavy, bulky, tiresome
pragmatic adj, practical, opinionated, concerned with practice rather than theory
preclude v, to make impossible, to shut out, to prevent
precocious adj, having or showing much more ability/ knowledge than normal @ young age, prematurely developed
prestigious adj, honored, an illustrious name/rep
pretentious adj, claiming/demanding position of distinction/merit; self important
procrastinate v, to put off doing something until later time, to delay
prodigious adj, enormous, extraordinary, marvelous
profane adj, secular, not connected with religion
profusion n, abundance, generous amount
prolific adj, producing many offspring, producing much, abundant
propensity n, a natural leaning or tendency, bent
provincial adj, having the ways and speech of a certain province.. country people apart from city people, thinking in narrow ways
prudent adj, careful or cautious in a sensible way, wise, frugal
pugnacious adj, eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome
quandary n, condition of being doubtful or confused
querulous adj, peevish, fault finding, expressing or suggestive of complaint
quixotic adj, idealistic and utterly impractical
raconteur n, a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
rancor deep spite or malice, strong hate or bitter feeling
opulent adj, wealthy, abundant
overt adj, not hidden, open
painstaking adj, very careful, diligent
pariah adj, an outcast
parsimonious adj, too thrifty, stingy
partisan adj, showing a strong support for a party or cause
paucity n, scarcity, smallness in number
peerless adj, having no equal, better than the rest
perceptive adj, discerning, observant
perfidy n, treachery, betrayal of trust
meticulous adj, very careful about detail, fussy
mitigate v, to make or become milder or less severe, to moderate (to make easier/better)
morose adj, gloomy, bad tempered
nomenclature n, a systematic naming of an art or science
nonchalance n, careless, lack of interest or concern
obliterate v, to blot out leaving no traces, to destroy
obscure adj, not clear, hidden, remote, not well known
obsolete adj, out of date
officious adj, giving unnecessary or unwanted advice/service, meddling
opportunist n, one who takes advantage of any opportunity without regard for moral principles, for his own gain
peripheral adj, external, incidental, tangential
peruse v, to study, to read carefully
philistine adj, narrow minded, smugly conventional
piety n, devotion and reverence, especially to god and family
pique v, to cause interest, to hurt feelings, make resentful
placate v, to soothe, to pacify
placid adj, outwardly calm, composed, self-satisfied, peaceful
plagiarize v, to take ideas/writings from someone else and present them as one's own, to use without giving credit
platitude n, thought or remark that is dull, flat, or weak
pompous adj, self important, stately, magnificent
Created by: restanbro
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