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Medieval and modern history

Roman Emperor who legalized Christianity? Constantine
Constantine move the capital from Rome to Byzantium
3. The fall of the empire would be the time of the early theologians native of north Africa St. Augustine
Traditional date for the fall of Rome 476
The Byzantium empire reached it height under Justinian
The Revelation of Muhammad were recorded in the: Quaran
The even which marks the flight from mecca was in: 622
The Muslim battle of Toors was in 732
Charles Martels grandson would be the founding father of Medieval Europe. Charlemange
During the time of the 800 to 1100 there would be raids by this group The Vikings
The religion of India is: Hinduism
Law of Moral retribution is Karma
What does the word Buddha mean? The enlighten one
who was the ancient sage in china Confucius
What social system arose in Europe during the 900-110 Fuedalism
What was the medieval capital of Japan Kyoto
What is the division that occurred in 1054 between the Roman Catholic church and the Greek Orthodox The Schism
The First Crusade in the city of Juerusalem took place in 1099
The french duke that conquered England was William the Conqueror
What year was the battle of Hastings 1066
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