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9th Grade English Vocab

exorbitant far beyond what is usual or proper; excessive
frugal careful in spending, economical
dwindle to decrease steadily, shrink, diminish
austere stern or severe in appearance, grim
eccentric deviating from what is considered normal or accepted
arduous very hard, difficult, strenuous, laborious
suppress to hold back or stifle
pragmatic practical as opposed to being theoretical
belligerent ready and eager to fight, quarrel, or make war
aloof distant or removed in manner or action
loquacious talkative, esp. excessively
cordial warm, friendly, hearty
insipid without flavor or taste, bland
ostentatious showy or flashy in an attempt to impress
fidelity faithfulness to a person, cause, or duty; loyalty
somber sad, unhappy
incorrigible . incapable of being corrected, improved
solitude the state of being or living alone
flourish to grow with vigor, thrive, succeed
erratic odd or peculiar/not regular or consistent
eloquent expressed in a strong, clear, graceful and persuasive way
dilapidated falling to pieces; broken-down; in disrepair
skeptical tending to question or doubt; disbelieving
pugilist a fighter; boxer
capacious able to contain a large quantity; roomy; large
paradox statement that contradicts itself but appears to be true
contemporary current; modern; of the present time
edification moral, spiritual, or intellectual improvement
posthumous occurring after a person’s death
zeal intense passion, enthusiasm, or devotion
chastise to criticize or scold harshly
impudent rude, disrespectful
facetious meant to be funny or playfully disrespectful
myriad consisting of a vast, indefinite number, countless
satiate to satisfy completely
conspicuous easy to see, obvious
diffuse to spread out widely, to scatter
burgeoning growing or developing quickly
altruistic unselfishly concerned with the welfare of others
ornate highly and often excessively decorated; fancy
prudent characterized by cautious planning and sound judgment
sumptuous exceptionally rich and luxurious
idiom an expression whose meaning cannot be understood by putting together the usual meanings of each separate word
formidable inspiring fear, dread, or amazement
insolent insulting, intentionally rude or disrespectful
nonchalant cool and unconcerned
pretentious showy, making a flashy outward show to attract attention
rudimentary a simple, basic, elementary principle or fundamental skill
impartial fair, just, not prejudiced
collaborative done by working together
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