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Chapter 1-4 Combo Fo

Chapter 1-4 Combining Forms

Combining FormMeaning
Adeno Gland
Arthro Joint
Bio Life
Carcino Cancer
Cardio Heart
Cephalo Head
Cerebro Cerebrum
Ciso To cut
Crino To secrete
Cysto Urinary bladder
Cyto Cell
Dermo Skin
Dermato Skin
Electro Electricity
Encephalo Brain
Entero Intestines
Erythro Red
Gastro Stomach
Glyco Sugar
Gnoso Knowledge
Gyneco Women
Hemato Blood
Hemo Blood
Hepato Liver
Iatro Treatment
Leuko White
Logo Study of
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Onco Tumor
Opthalmo Eye
Osteo Bone
Patho Disease
Pedo Child
Psycho Mind
Radio X-rays
Reno Kidney
Rhino Nose
Sarco Flesh
Secto To cut
Thrombo Clotting
Uro Urinary tract
Abdomino Abdomen
Adipo Fat
Antero Front
Bolo To cast (throw)
Cervico Neck
Chondro Cartilage
Chromo Colour
Coccygo Coccyx
Cranio Skull
Cyto Cell
Disto Far
Dorso Back portion
Histo Tissue
Ilio Ilium
Inguino Groin
Karyo Nucleus
Latero Side
Lumbo Lower back
Medio Middle
Nucleo Nucleus
Pelvi Pelvis
Postero Back
Proximo Nearest
Sacro Sacrum
Sarco Flesh
Spino Spine
Thelo Nipple
Thoraco Chest
Tracheo Trachea
Umbilico Navel
Ventro Belly side
Vertebro Vertebrae
Viscero Internal organs
Acro Extremities
Acuo Sharp
Adeno Gland
Amnio Amnion
Angio Vessel
Aterio Artery
Axill Armpit
Blepharo Eyelid
Broncho Bronchial tubes
Chemo Chemical
Chrono Time
Colo Colon
Encephalo Brain
Hepato Liver
Hydro Water
Ischo To hold back
Laparo Abdomen
Laryngo Larynx
Lympho Lymph
Mammo Breasts
Masto Breasts
Morpho Shape
Muco Mucus
Myo Muscle
Myelo Spinal cord
Necro Death
Neutro Neutrophil
Oto Ear
Peritoneo Peritoneum
Phago To eat/ swallow
Phelbo vein
Plaso Formation
Pleuro Pleura
Pneumono Lungs
Pulmono Lungs
Recto Rectum
Spleno Spleen
Staphylo Clusters
Strepto Twisted chains
Tonsillo Tonsils
Veno Vein
Carpo Wrist bones
Cibo Meals
Costo Ribs
Cutaneo Skin
Dactylo Fingers/toes
Ducto To lead/carry
Flexo To bend
Furco Forking
Glosso Tongue
Glyco Sugar
Immuno Protection
Morto Death
Nati Birth
Necto To tie
Normo Rule, order
Oxo Oxygen
Pubo Pubis
Sepso Infection
Somno Sleep
Sono Sound
Theo To put
Thelo Nipple
Thyro Thyroid gland
Topo Place
Toxo Poison
Tracheo Trachea
Urethro Urethra
Created by: Dayyyoo13