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Warfare Pin

What does JWCS stand for and what is its purpose? Joint Worldwide Communications System-System of computers and networks used to xmit classified informatkion by packet switching over TCP/IP in a secure environment.
What does SAER stand for? Security Access Eligibility Report
What is SF 700? Security Container Information
What is the purpose for OPSEC? Process that identifies, controls, and protects generally sensitive but unclassified information about a mission, operation, or activity.
What does JMINI stand for? Joint Military Satellite Communication Network Integrated Control System
What does DISA stand for? Defense Information Systems Agency
What are the duties and responsibilities of the information assurance manager(IAM) Establish, implement, and maintain the DoD information system IA program
What are the five aspects of IA? Availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.
What does DUSC stand for? Directory update and service center
What does ODCR stand for? Officer Distribution Control Report
What does ASI stand for? Authorized Service Interruption
What does PIR stand for? Priority Intelligence Requirements
What does NIPRNET stand for? Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
What is SF 153? COMSEC material report
What does DLPT stand for? Defense Language Proficiency Test
What are the six brilliant on the basics? -Sponsorship -Indoctrination -Career Development Boards -Mentorship -Individual Recognition -OMBUDSMAN
What is NCTAMS building M-51? Main Building
What is NCTAMS building M-52? Warehouse
What is NCTAMS building M-113? Facilities(N-4)
What is NCTAMS building M-125? Indoc Building
What does FSM stand for? Fleet SIPRNET messaging
What is the HF frequency? High Frequency 3MHz-30MHz
What is the SHF frequency? Superhigh Frequency 3GHz-30GHz
How many guns did the Ships of the Line Carry? 64-100 Guns
What does ANCC stand for? Automated Network Control Center
What does CBSP stand for? Commercial Broadband Satellite Program
What does STW stand for and what is its purpose? Strike Warfare- The destruction or neutralization of enemy land based targets by conventional or nuclear missles.
What are the 4 ways to clear an obstructed airway? 1. Standing Abdominal Thrust 2. Reclining Abdominal Thrust 3. Standing Chest Thrust 4. Reclining Chest Thrust
What is the purpose of NOVA? Unix based system. Base level mode 1 store and forward.
What is GBS? Global Broadcast Service
What are the locations of AST? -Gen Room 1 -Gen Room 2 -Gen Room 3 -GBS Gen -Chiller Gen
Whos is the NCTAMS LANT IAM(Information Assurance Manager)? -Sharon Brightwell
Who is the EKMS Manager? Chris Morrow
What is the EXACT acronym for TRMM? Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
What is GPS? Global Positioning Service
How many satellites are required for GPS? 4 Satellites
What does DSCS stand for? Defense Satellite Communications Systems
What does NMOC stand for? Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
What does MAS INT stand for? Measurement and Signature Intelligence
What does DCS stand for and what is its purpose? Defense Courier Service- Transportation of sensitive classified material
What does DAMA stand for? Demand Assigned Multiple Access
What are the 4 Categories of CASREP? 1. Initial 2. Update 3. Correction 4. Cancellation
What does HSGR stand for? High Speed Global Ring
Where are the 4 CUDIX suites located at? 1. NCTAMS LANT 2. NCTAMS PAC 3. NCTS Guam 4. NCTS Naples
What does MMS stand for? Muli-level Mail Server
What does SMTP stand for? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What is Message Format line 7? TO
What is Message Format Line 5? Precedence
What does JFTOC stand for? Joint Fleet Telecommunications Operations Center
What is the operating area of the 4th Fleet? Caribbean Sea, Central, and South America
When was D-Day? June 6, 1944
What are the 3 objective of First Aide? 1. Save Lives 2. Prevent Further Injury 3. Prevent Infection
What does JDISS stand for? Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System
What does CWSP stand for? Commercial Wideband Satellite Program
what are the EXACT 4 Component Commands of JFCOM? 1. Forces Command 2. Marine Forces Command 3. US Fleet Forces Command 4. Arie Combat Command
What are the 7 Layers of the OSI Model? 1. Physical 2. Data Link 3. Network 4. Transport 5. Session 6. Presentation 7. Application
What does CUDIX stand for? Common User Digital Information Exchange SUBsystem
What is the exact wording purpose of MEANCONING? International Transmission of signals designed to DECEIVE USERS OF NAVIGATIONAL AIDS
What does AMD stand for? Activity Manpower Document
What are the 5 TNX-1100 sites? 1. NCTAMS PAC 2. NCTAMS LANT 3. NCTS EURCENT 4. NCTS San Diego 5. NCTS Bahrain
What are the 7 Principles of Naval Logistics? Flexibility, Economy, Attainability, Responsiveness, Sustainability, Survivability, and Simplicity
What is IA? Measures to protect and defend information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, and non-repudation.
What is Naval Intel? Provides insights into the uncertain world both in peace and war.
What is the purpose of CTM? Perform troubleshooting and maintenace on electrical and electronic equipment assigned
What was the Battle of Corral Sea and when did it take place? 7-8 May 1942, First carrier vs carrier Battle, Lexington sunk
What does MSDS stand for and what is its purpose? Material Safety Data Sheets- Info on all potential hazards of a chemical product and how to work safely
What is DON CAF? DON Central Ajudication Facility- Nation Adjudication guidelines to background information gathered mainly in investigations conducted by OPM
What does RAC stand for, what is it, and what are the five levels? 1. Critical Risk 2. Serious Risk 3. Moderate Risk 4. Minor Risk 5. Negligible Risk
What is ADNS? Automated Digital Multiplexing System- Connects navy shipboard networks to other ship and shore networks for transferring IP data of various classification levels.
What are the six areas of Naval Doctrine? Warfare, Inteligence, Planning, Logistics, Operations, and combat and control
What is the SSO? Special Security Officer- In charge of SCI information, Directives, Regulations, Manuals, and Guidelines.
What is atmospheric drag? Another source for space object positioning errors is that of atmospheric drag on low orbiting objects
What are gale winds? Winds of 34-47 knots are forecast for harbors, inland waters, ocean areas, airfields, and installations.
What is the mission of the Navy? Maintain, train, and equip combat ready forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas.
What is a small craft advisory? Sustained winds of 18-33 knots
What is WAN? Wide Area Network- Publicly owned group of networks, a large geographical area, often a country or continent.
What is message Precedence? R- Routine- 6 Hrs P- Priority- 3 Hrs O- Immediate- 30Min Z- Flash- 10 Min W- Override- 3 Min or Less
What are the 3 Tropical Cyclones? Tropical Depression- Winds Less Than 33 Knots Tropical Storm- 34-63 Knots Hurricane- Greater Than 63 Knots
What is a Backdoor? A program or a set of programs that a hacker installs on a target system to allow access to the system at a later time.
What is OPSEC? Proven process that identifies controls, and protects generally sensitive but unclassified information about a mission, operation, or a activity.
What was MERCURY 3? 1st American to go into space- Commander Alan Shepard
What is Medium Frequency? 300KHz-3MHz- International Distress Frequency
What is the operational area of the 2nd Fleet? Operates in the Atlantic Ocean, Located in Norfolk Virginia
What is the purpose of GBS? -4 Seconds -High Powered Transponders to provide HDR wideband simplex broadcast into 1 meter of smaller antennas
What is the navy UHF follow on? -New constellation of satellites -High Power Xmitters designed to improve service, reliability, and dependability -Mixed with FLTSATCOM Legacy System
What is CENTCOM, (Location and Mission)? Location: Tampa Mission: With National and International Partners, promotes cooperation among nations, responds to crises, and deters or defeats...
What is ORM? Operational Risk Management -Decision making process
What is COMINT? Communications Intel- Gained through interception of foreign communications
What is OSINT? Open Source Intel- Derived from Newspapers, journals, radio, television, and internet.
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