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quarter 2 vocab test

chapter 7-10 and SP

BELL war
bellicose warlike in nature
antebellum occurring before war
belligerence warlike mood or attitude
AM love or friend
enamored found of, feeling love towards
amiable good natured, cheerful
amicable not bitter or hostile
AGON contest, struggle
antagonize provoke, act hostile towards
protagonist central character
antagonist one who is hostile towards, one who opposes
PHIL love
philosophical calm or wise, reasonable
philanthropy charitable donation to public cause
bibliphile love of books
PED foot
impediment obstacle, gets in the way
expedient prudent, practical
pedestrian lacking excitement, dull, ordinary
PED child
pedant abundant knowledge of minor details
pedagouge boring teacher
VEST clothing
travesty bad imitation of, perversion of
vested significant to ones own profit or well being
vestment clothing to symbolize political or religious authority
divest strip or remove title or position of authority
corporeal having to do with the body
corpulent fat or obese
incorporate bring together all elements
UNI one
uniform same all the way through, consistent
unison one voice
unanimous showing complete agreement
MONO one
monolouge dialouge by one person
monopolize use or take to prevent others from using
monogomy marraige to only one person
monolithic same throughout, lacking diversity
HOMO same
homonym spelled the same but different meaning
homoginized forced to be the exact same
EQUI even
equitable fair, just
equilibrium balance
iniquity injustice, wrong or wicked action
BEN good
benevolent kindly, favorable towards
benefactor person of friendly aid
benign causing no harm
CORD heart
accord sameness of opinion
discord lack of agreement
cordial warmly, polite
ANIM spirit
animosity anger of hostility
equanimity evenness of mind or spirit, calm
magnanimous generous in spirit
MAL bad
dismal causing great sadness
malevolent wishing harm
malicious intended harm
prodigious great amount
inure accustom to hardship
emnity mutual hatred
sinecure requiring little to no work
bantam tough brood
cordovan leather
salient most predominant
contretemp unforseen events, disrupts normal cause
maimed injured
gaits style of walking
uproariousness causing uproar
fortitude courage and pain
inveigled persuade by disception
latent present but not active
balustrade the railing, row of people behind cause
timbre sound distinguishing one from another
minced perform with utter elegance
undelations wavelike motions
parry ward off
Maginot Lines line of defense
Created by: froggy1245
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