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Revolutionary P.


KG3, was king of Britan from ___ to ___ and didn't want to give in to the _____of the colonists... 1760-1820, demands
Who was the American British Philosopher? John Locke
Who was the Philadelphia Patriot that wrote "Common Sense"? Thomas Paine
Tell me everything you know about Phillis Weatley: -Former writer; freed because of her writing ability. Wrote poems and plays that supported independence. George Washington invited her to visit and read her poetry.
Who was the founder of UVA? Thomas Jefferson.
Who was a Virginia Patriot that wrote the D of I? Thomas Jefferson
Hero of French and Indian War, first president George Washington
Leader of Continental Army: George Washington
"Im not a Virginian but an American!" "Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry
"The British are coming!" Paul Revere
Name all the Boston Patriots-- John Adams and Paul Revere
He was a leader of the Tea Party Paul Revere
John Locke thought people have natural rights, and that the purpose of the government is to what---- Protect the people
He helped millions of Americans understand what all the fuss was about. Thomas Paine
Started fire departments and libraries, author of "_____ _____'s ______" Ben Franklin
Defended soldiers from the Boston Massacre John Adams
Author of D of I is who--- Thomas Jefferson
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