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On 9 November 1950, who scored the first B-29 victory over a jet by downing a MiG-15, the first of 27 MiGs shot down by B-29 gunners? Cpl Harry LaVene
During Operation Urgent Fury, which aircraft proved their worth repeatedly, showing more versatility and accuracy than naval bombardment and land artillery? AC-130 gunships
The CIA planned the 1961 invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in hopes that the Cuban people would overthrow Castro. Who were used as troops? Cuban exiles
why did the army air forces revitalize the flying sergeants and launch a massive program of enlisted pilot training? the threat of WWII made GHQ Air Force view enlisted pilots more positively
how many troops deployed to the Gulf region for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, forming a coalition of multinational troops? more than 300,000
How many planes and operational units did TAC first have? No planes or operational units, only a staff
What country received 3,000 tons of supplies through OPERATION SEA ANGEL following a 1991 typhoon? BANGLADESH
Where did the War Department send Ward & Barrett, assigned to the Signal Corps' small Aeronautical Division, on 2 July 1907? To a balloon factory in New York City to be schooled in fabric handling, manufacturing buoyant gases and the inflation and control of balloons
In October 1993, a US UH-60 helicopter was downed in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. Who earned the Air Force Cross for treating and evacuating casualties? TSgt Timothy A. Wilkinson
What was ADC's mission in the USAAF To defend the US homeland
What is Esther Blake famous for? She was the FIRST WOMAN in the Air Force
In OPERATION JUST CAUSE, night vision goggles were used for the first time by Air Force personnel during a contingency.
By the mid-1980s, what country (led by Muammar Qadhafi) was a leading sponsor of worldwide terrorism, financing terrorist training camps and supplying funds, weapons, logistical support and safe havens for many terrorist groups? LIBYA
Who was the first service secretary under the newly organized DoD? Stuart Symington
The Wright brothers first flew their heavier-than-air craft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903
When did WWI begin in Europe? AUGUST 1914
Who earned a Medal of Honor as a radio operator when, despite multiple wounds and impeded vision, he took over as tail gunner and repaired a radio by touch to send a distress signal over Germany? TSgt Forrest L. Vosler
Several Air Force enlisted personnel received special praise for their efforts in Operation Urgent Fury. Name the loadmaster who saved the life of a paratrooper after his statis line fouled, leaving the paratrooper attached to the aircraft Sgt Charles H. Tisby
What country did Iraq's Saddam Hussein attempt to annex on 2 August 1990? KUWAIT
which two countries did American pilots fly with in the European war as early as 1915? France & Great Britain
which US President first authorized American intervention in Vietnam? President Harry S. Truman
The 1st Aero Squadron's demonstration of air power during the Punitive Expedition was disappointing. However, what valuable aviation lesson(s) was/were learned? -The realities of aviation under field conditions -the need for adequate maintenance -the need for plenty of backup aircraft to rotate into service
On 28 September 2005, who became both the first security forces member and the first female Airman to die in Operation Iraqi Freedom when her vehicle contacted an IED while providing convoy security? A1C Elizabeth Jacobson
What was airpower's most decisive contribution to the cold war? The Berlin airlift
Who were often the first enlisted men stationed at overseas locations during WWI? construction personnel
how was Soviet construction of missile complexes in Cuba first confirmed? High-altitude U-2 aircraft
What was the first sustained bombing campaign of the war against North Vietnam? Operation Rolling Thunder
How many air squadrons were fully equipped, manned and organized when the US declared war on Germany on 6 April 1917? ONE
In August 1908, the Wright brothers arrived at Fort Myers with the US Army's first airplane, AEROPLANE NO.1. why was this more than four years after the Wright brothers' first successful flight? The government refused to accept that man had flown in a heavier-than-air machine.
why did Air Corps commanders halt enlisted pilot training in 1933? They thought it was too expensive and blamed a shortage of funds during the Great Depression.
After the crushing defeat at the Bay of Pigs, which country increased economic and military aid to Cuba in 1961 and began constructing missile complexes there in 1962? The Soviet Union.
Who was the first person on the 55 most wanted leaders list issued by the coalition during Operation Iraqi Freedom to surrender? Iraq's science advisor
What air operation finally convinced the North Vietnamese to agree to a cease-fire? Operation Linebacker II
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, The US agreed not to invade Cuba in exchange for removal of Soviet missiles
What 1991 humanitarian airlift provided blankets, tents and food to displaced Kurds in northern Iraq following the Persian Gulf War? Operation Provide Comfort
During Desert Storm, coalition air forces pounded entrenched ground forces into surrender. What did they do during the final stages of the air war? "Tank plinked"
The 25th Liaison squadron was one of the more celebrated liaison units. Which of its members earned the Air Medal & Silver Star for separate Pacific rescue exploits in early 1944? SSgt James Nichols
The Air Force came out of Desert Storm trumpeting air supremacy and minimal or no casualties.
What operation replaced Operation Provide Comfort in January 1997? Operation Northern Watch
What slowed the coalition's initial advance during Operation Iraqi Freedom? Heavy sand storms
Who was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross for saving the lives of his entire rescue team by engaging and destroying the first enemy position and advancing to the second during the 17-hour battle of Operation Anaconda? TSgt John A. Chapman
Which engineer and ball turret gunner earned a Medal of Honor posthumously for helping fly a severely damaged aircraft from Germany back to England after the pilot was wounded and the copilot killed? SSgt Archibald Mathies
Aircraft from which three countries began a sustained campaign against terrorist targets in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom? The US, Great Britain & France
The defensive deployment for Operation Desert Shield was impressive. A month into the crisis, how many Allied aircraft were in theater and combat ready? 1,220
Who earned the first Medal of Honor awarded to an enlisted man for actions on his very first mission when his aircraft was attacked over France? Sgt Maynard "Snuffy" H. Smith
When the armistice ending WWI was signed, more than 190,000 men were in the Air Service. The Air Service began dissolving its forces that day. what was that date? 11 November 1918
In 1994, after former President Jimmy Carter persuaded the military leader of ____ to relinquish control, Operation Uphold Democracy changed from a military invasion to an insertion of a multinational peacekeeping force. Haiti
What was the first stage in the development of the US military's air arm? Aeronautical Division, US Army Signal Corps
The collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, coupled with the disintegration of the Soviet Union itself, led to which country's break into independent ethnic states in 1992? Yugoslavia
What was Sgt Ralph Bottriell honored for in 1933? He tested the first backpack-style freefall parachute in 1919 and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1933 for service as an experimental parachute tester.
Although there was no victory and no end to fighting, the US withdrew from Vietnam. When did the last US troop leave the country? 29 March 1973
The Soviets capitulated and dismantled the surface blockade of Berlin without a bomb being dropped. For what did this victory lay the foundation? The NATO
Which WWI sergeant commanded a flight school, was commissioned as a pilot, is known as the "Father of Blind Flight" and selected the site that became Bolling Field, Washington, DC? William C. Ocker
Name the pararescue crewmember who distinguished himself with extreme valor while responding to a call for evacuation of casualties in an ongoing firefight in Vietnam, posthumously earning an Air Force Cross that was upgraded to the Medal of Honor in 2001 A1C William Pitsenbarger
During the Vietnam conflict, American responsibility in the Vietnamese conflict became primarily combat after the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Senate resolution in 1964
Name the NCO whose fierce defense of a radar site in Laos in 1968 earned him a posthumous Air Force Cross CMSgt Richard Etchberger
What humanitarian airlift in 1992 and 1993 provided food, medicine and cargo the republics of the former Soviet Union? Operation Provide Hope
In August 1861, Thaddeus Lowe demonstrated that a balloon could effectively direct artillery fire by telegraph
Name the member of the 3d Security Police Squadron who earned a Silver Star for heroics while helping defend Bien Hoa Air Base in Vietnam during the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive in 1968. SSgt William Piazza
What secondary mission dropped 50 tons of toys and children's clothes and shoes over Sarajevo in December 1993? Operation Provide Santa
Name the NCO who shot down two MiGs on 12 April 1951, a feat unmatched by any other gunner Sgt Billie Beach
Who became the Army's first enlisted pilot in 1912? PFC Vernon Burge
When did Operation Desert Storm Begin? 15 January 1991
After 11 September 2001, what operation took the flight to the nation's enemies overseas, most notably in Afghanistan? Operation Enduring Freedom
In response to continued attacks by Bosnian Serbs on Sarajevo and on the relief aircraft themselves, what did President Clinton do? Significantly expanded Operation Provide Promise
What SSgt Parnell Fisher honored for during the Vietnam War? He was a loadmaster who earned the Silver Star for saving the crew and AC-47 gunship when a flare exploded prematurely, deploying its parachute in the aircraft.
The fruitless campaign against Pancho Villa (the Punitive Expedition) was recalled after 11 MONTHS
When did US commanders declare that Saddam's regime no longer controlled Baghdad? 9 April 2003
Some 3,000 enlisted personnel flew between the World Wars and into the early months of WWII without official flying status, until Congress enacted Public Law ___ in 1941 Public Law 99
Name the Air Force squadron activated on 5 March 1913 The 1st Aero Squadron (Provisional)
During WWI, most enlisted pilots received commissions after the US formally declared war in 1917
How long after the first cease-fire were North and South Vietnam officially unified under a Communist regime After only 3 (three) years
In Operation Anaconda, special operators from all these forces except the ___ helped secure the mountaintop and inflicted serious losses on al-Qaeda. US Marines
What minority group armed themselves and began forming their own ethnic state by seizing territory and besieging the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo? Serbs
At least 15 countries airlifted supplies to Sarajevo. Over the course of the operation, AFR, ANG and active duty units rotated from the US on ___-week deployments 3-week
Name the pararescueman who was credited with 51 combat rescues-- the most in Air Force history SGt Steve Northern
In 1959, Fidel Castro overthrew the dictator of __ & instituted a socialist dictatorship CUBA
Enlisted personnel served as gunners aboard the B-26 and B-29 aircraft during the Korean War. Name the NCO who shot down a North Korean YaK-3, the first such victory recorded during the war SSgt Nyle S. Mickley
During the Korean War, US forces landed at Inchon on 15 September 1950, cutting the North Korean Army Supply lines.
All of the following were included in the aid sent to Vietnam between 1950 and 1953, except the 19th Air Force
What was the name of the Army's first dirigible? Dirigible No. 1
When did the Third Reich surrender? May 1945
What 1986 terrorist event led President Reagan to authorize a retaliatory air strike (El Dorado Canyon) against Libya? The bombing of a Berlin discotheque popular with US service members
What led to integration of the Air Force Air Force letter 35.3 in 1949
What operation established a no-fly zone in 1992 in southern Iraq to discourage renewed Iraqi military activity near Kuwait? Operation Southern Watch
Gunners flew aboard gunships, B-57s and B-52s. Name the B-52 tail gunner who shot down an enemy MiG, the first of only two confirmed shoot downs by enlisted Airmen during the Vietnam War. SSgt Samuel Turner
Late in __, Congress passed the Flight Officer Act (Public Law 658), automatically promoting sergeant pilots to flight officers and reserving the cockpit for the commissioned. 1942
Gen Mitchell successfully proved that airplanes could sink battleships beginning in 1921. Name the bombardier who distinguished himself in 1923 with innovative tactics to score direct hits Sgt Ulysses "Sam" Nero
What 1953 Viet Minh action (under Ho Chi Minh's direction) led President Eisenhower to send C-119 transport to the area? Their major offensive advanced into Laos and menaced Thailand.
who was the last US serviceman to engage Communist forces in ground combat in Southeast Asia as he helped rescue the crew of the USS Mayaquez (captured in May 1975) in the famed Son Tay POW camp raid CMSgt Wayne Fisk
At first, factories were used as training sites. By the end of 1917, the Aviation Section trained mechanics and others at special schools and technical institutions. Where were the two largest located? St. Paul, MN & Kelly Field, TX
How did the Air Force use helicopters in Vietnam? -Personnel & supply transport -Infiltration & exfiltration of special operations troops -Search & rescue
Congress authorized the aviation section of the Signal Corps on 18 July 1914, consisting of how many officers & enlisted men? 60 Officers & 260 Enlisted men
Of the 20 Air Force Cross recipients from the Vietnam conflict, 10 were pararescuemen
A cease-fire agreement was hammered out with the North Vietnamese by 28 January 1973
Airmen performed a variety of duties as the war in Vietnam expanded, including support, combat & rescue. What did REDHORSE teams do? Provided long-range civil engineer services
why was Scott AFB, IL named in honor of Cpl Frank Scott? A mechanic & crew chief, he was the first enlisted person to die in a military aircraft accident
All of these enlisted members were awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII except John Levitow
Which inaccurately describes a humanitarian mission to a foreign nation flown by Army aircraft before the independent Air Force was established? Delivering medical supplies to Turkey following an earthquake in 1943
What medic was awarded the Air Force Cross after he lost his life while saving 10 other during Operation Anaconda? SrA Jason D. Cunningham
which plane performed 3 new missions--interdiction, battlefield support & air superiority-- that hadn't been considered before the Korean War? B-29
on 26 July 1947, what action created the National Military Establishment, including the OSD & the Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force? President Truman approved the NSA
When the Soviet Union closed off all surface access to Berlin, Maj. Gen. William Tunner "built" an air bridge to supply Berlin rather than forcing the blockade and risking World War III. How long did this airlift last? 15 months
Three days after Hiroshima, ___ dropped the second nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. Bock's Car
The first atomic bomb was dropped on ___, Japan from the Enola Gay in August 1945. Hiroshima
The Korean War began with a surprise invasion of South Korea by North Korea on 25 June 1950 & lasted until 1953
During WWII, training and service for black enlisted Airmen & Officers were mostly confined to a single, separate base at Tuskegee, AL
Many early domestic humanitarian flights were flown in response to winter emergencies. However, one of the first known uses of airlift to render assistance was dropping food to ____flood victims in 1919 Rio Grande
Continued civil war and clan fighting within Somalia prevented much of the relief supplies from reaching the refugees. In September 1992, Operation Impressive Lift airlifted hundreds of __ soldiers to Somalia to increase relief effort security. UN
In WWI, air power played a minor role. what role did it play in Kosovo? The Only one
In 1940, congress passed the first ___ law in US history Peacetime conscription
A 1994 humanitarian airlift carried 3,600 tons of relief supplies to refugees in what country in a war-torn central Africa? RWANDA
on 17 March 2003, what ultimatum did President George W. Bush give Saddam Hussein and his sons? Leave Iraq within 48 hours or face conflict
What military rating did Congress create when it authorized the aviation section of the Signal Corps in 1914, calling for a 50% pay increase for enlisted men instructed in the art of flying while on flying status? Aviation mechanician
which statement about the retaliatory air strike against Libya (El Dorado Canyon) is false? It remains a prime example of the most successful US air strike operations.
In 1972, communist forces crossed the DMZ in Vietnam, taking advantage of reduced US ground presence. How did President Nixon respond? He ordered the harbors mined.
during the 43-day Desert Storm war with Iraq, the Air Force was the equal partner of land and sea power for the first time in modern combat.
Sgt Fred C. Graveline, an observer and aerial gunner during WWI, was one of only ___ enlisted personnel to receive the Distinguished Service Cross FOUR
The Army Reorganization Act of ___ made the Air Service and official combat arm of the Army 1920
What operation did President George H.W. Bush authorize in December 1992 to establish order in Somalia using US troops so food could reach those in need? Operation Restore Hope
Which operation proved the AEF concept was sound when a composite unit arrived fully armed and began flying within 12 hours of landing? Operation Southern Watch
What loadmaster earned the Medal of Honor when, after suffering 40 shrapnel wouds, he fell on an armed flare, dragged it to the cargo door and heaved it out after his plane was hit over Vietnam in 1969? A1C John Levitow
Operation Deny Flight gave the first aerial combat victory in NATO's 45-year history when US F-16s intercepted six Bosnian Serb jets an shot down four in February 1994
Which UN airlift operation to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina lasted from 1992 to 1996? Operation Provide Promise
The Air Force responded quickly to the four unprecedented acts of violence in New York City, western ___ & Washington, DC on 11 September 2001 Pennsylvania
What NATO operation (1993-1994) attempted to impose a no-fly zone over Bosnia in an effort to limit the war? Operation Deny flight
NATO hoped Milosevic would capitulate after just a few days of air strikes, but it took ___days & more than 28,000 sorties to end the air war over Serbia 78 days
which president transferred Army aviation from Signal Corps control to the Secretary of War in 1918? President Woodrow Wilson
Which statement is false? GHQ Air Force waited until WWII began before starting its massive expansion program.
when did the US Army first use balloon detachments? during the civil war
At Ft Sam Houston, what did Pvts Glenn Madole and Vernon Burge, along with a civilian mechanic, build to improve the early fragile aircraft? a wheeled landing system
the religions that were prominent in the 1992 breakup of Yugoslavia include Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Islam
Seven enlisted members have received the Medal of Honor, America's highest military decoration. How many received this medal during WWII? FOUR
who earned the USAAF enlisted corps' final Medal of Honor as a radio operator aboard a B-29 attacking a chemical plant in Koriyama, Japan when he cradled an ignited flare and hurled it through the copilot's window, badly burning himself, to save the plane SSgt Henry "RED" E. Erwin
When did the air wing of the Army accept blacks in the service, admitting them on a strictly segregated basis and only when forced by Congress and wartime emergency? 1942
When did fighter aircraft begin to fly combat air patrols over US skies in support of Operation Noble Eagle? 11 September 2001
what 1989 invasion of Panama brought its leader, Manuel Noriega, to the US to face drug-trafficking and money-laundering charges? Operation Just Cause
Which 1996 event caused the Air Force to reorganize the existing security police units into new security forces groups and squadrons trained and specialized in all aspects of force protection, including terrorist activity & deployed force security? The bombing at Khobar Towers, Dhahran AB
in 1990, Iraq (with the 4 largest army in the world and a program to develop nuclear weapons) was poised at Saudi Arabia's doorstep. If the Saudis also fell, Iraq would have controlled__% of the world's oil. 50%
Name the fist CSAF Gen Carl Spaatz
What was the estimated ratio of support personnel to planes during WWII? 70 men to one plane
What operation was prompted by US losses in Mogadishu, Somalia in October 1993? Operation Restore Hope II
Between 1945 & 1947, the War Department reorganized the USAAF into the SAC, TAC ADC
Name the freelance civilian who recorded the first useful balloon reconnaissance mission for the Army in 1861 John La Mountain
Within___months after Desert Storm, Strategic bomber crews were ordered to stand down from their decades-long, round-the-clock readiness for nuclear war, signaling that the Cold War was officially over Six Months
What percentage of pilots flying Noble Eagle missions belonged to the ANG? more than 80%
What 1946 event led to almost five decades of cold war between the atomic superpowers? The Soviet Union veto of the UN plan to eliminate nuclear weapons
The massive military buildup in Saudi Arabia near Iraq's border to deter Saddam Hussein's aggression against the Saudis and prepare for a counterinvation, if necessary, was called Operation Desert Shield
in march 1916, what did President Woodrow Wilson order the 1st Aero Squadron to do? Help protect the border with Mexico and apprehend the rebel Pancho Villa
When did the military draft end? 27 January 1973
What NATO operation began in March 1999 to force Serbia to accept NATO terms for ending the conflict in Kosovo and avoid the ethnic cleansing that took place in Bosnia? Operation Allied Force
Women served in the Army Air Force during WWII through the WAAC, created in May 1942 and later renamed the WAC. what was the top priority for assignment of WAACs during WWII? Serving at aircraft warning service stations
The serbian government's oppression of the ___population in Kosovo, led by President Slobodan Milosevic, turned to violence and mass killings Ethnic Albanian
Set in southeastern Afghanistan on 4 March 2002, it was one of the most intense small-unit firefights of the war against terrorism. What did the men who fought there call it? The Battle of Robert's Ridge
More cruise missiles were fired on the first day of Operation Iraqi Freedom than during the entire first Gulf war. What concept was the battle plan of Operation Iraqi Freedom based on? "Shock and Awe"
Which operation marked the first campaign in aerial warfare where precision munitions outweighed conventional bombs? Operation Deliberate Force
Through the mid-1920s, the relatively limited air activities focused on -establishing records -testing equipment -garnering headlines
Who was held as a POW for 10 months in Germany during WWII before being liberated, later became the first CMSAF in 1967 and also received the first Air Force POW medal in 1988? TSgt Paul Airey
What town, the key to delivering humanitarian aid, did British forces take during Operation Iraqi Freedom? Basra
As guerilla attacks continued, air base defense in Vietnam became a monumental undertaking performed almost exclusively by Air Force security police squadrons
The massive WWII USAAF demobilized in only a few months after the end of the war, returning almost ___men to civilian life 2,000,000
who was in charge of Aeroplane No. 1 when part of the Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corps arrived at Ft Sam Houston, TX in 1910 Lt Benjamin D. Foulois
what operation in 1956 & 1957 airlifted more than 10,000 Hungarian refugees to the US for asylum after the Soviet invasion? Operations Safe Haven I and II
Traditionally, commissioned officers served as pilots before WWI. Trained enlisted personnel served in many types of auxiliary capacities, but which one was needed most? mechanics
The US sought and received a UN sanction to act against Iraq. How many nations joined us in Operation Desert Shield? 27
Cpl Edward Ward, Pvt Joseph Barrett learned to inflate and repair balloons at fort wood on Bedloes Island in New York Harbor in ___, beginning the story of today's Air Force June 1907
Operation Iraqi Freedom officially began on 20 March 2003. When did it officially end? 1 May 2003
During WWI, the American-manned Lafayette Escadrille of France included one of the very few enlisted Americans, and the only black man of any nationality, to serve as a pilot. who was he? Cpl Eugene Bullard
How did the US respond to the Cuban Missile Crisis? All of the above
What 1995 operation held Bosnian Serbs accountable for attacks against UN forces and Sarajevo with an incessant air campaign, striking targets throughout the country? Operation Deliberate Force
What aircraft did the 1st Aero Squadron fly on reconnaissance flight and to deliver mail and dispatches while protecting the border with Mexico n 1916? Curtiss JN-3 "Jennies"
What 1984 document established din principle a US policy of preemptive and retaliatory strikes against terrorists? National Security Decision Directive 138
Which operation(s) did not help the Kurds in Iraq? Operation Vigilant Warrior
After warring Bosnian parties signed peace accords in Paris in December 1995, what operation replaced Operation Deliberate Force with a mission to implement the agreements in 1996? operation Deny Flight
Sgt Sandy Sanchez was one of the enlisted force's most decorated Airmen of WWII. What was his position? Gunner
Whose balloon, Santiago, was used by the Signal Corps during the Spanish-American War? William Ivy Baldwin
What did the Big Three (British Prime Minster Winston Churchill, Soviet Premier Josef Stalin and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt) meet in 1945 to discuss? Postwar division of Europe
Who became a popular hero as a gunner during WWII & was decorated 8 times and recognized by Generals MacArthur, Eisenhower and Doolittle? Cpl John "Johnny Zero" D. Foley
To date, how many enlisted members have been awarded the Air Force Cross? 24
what 1975 event triggered the largest aerial evacuation in history? Fall of Cambodia & South Vietnam to Communist forces
Of all the enlisted functions, which was perhaps most critical to the success of the Berlin airlift? Maintenance
What act created an additional assistant secretary of war and established an air section in each division of the General Staff for 3 years? The Air Corps Act of 1926
who headed the new 3-person-strong Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corps in 1907? Charles Chandler
Which month-long airlift delivered more than 1,000 tons of material to Chile in 1960 following earthquakes, volcanic eruption, avalanches and tidal waves? The Amigos Airlift
What 1996 operations airlifted displaced Kurds to safe ares in turkey after Kurdish factions' struggle for power led one to accept Iraqi backing to drive another from the city of Irbil? Operations Quick Transit I, II & III
When iraqi troops defeated a Kurdish rebellion in northern Iraq in April 1991, more than a million Kurds fled to Iran and Turkey to avoid massacres. What operation was a UN Security Council authorized humanitarian relief effort? Operation Provide Comfort
Which USAAF command's mission was to deliver air power to distant lands? SAC
Who died while testing Aeroplane NO.1 at Fort Myers in Sep 1908, causing further testing to be suspended until the summer of 1909, when the signal corps formally accepted the airplane Lt Thomas E. Selfridge
The 5th overall MiG-21 kill during Linebacker II in Vietnam went to whom? A1C Abert E. Moore
Thee enlisted AF members who received the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam Conflict William Pitsenbarger, Richard Etchberger John Levitow
Enlisted Airmen trained South Vietnamese operational and training crews as Vietnam's air force grew to become the __ largest in the world fourth
Operation Enduring Freedom broke the Taliban's will and capacity to resist by using precision weapons
Who earned the AF Cross for extraordinary heroism during an ambush in Afghanistan in 2008, protecting wounded soldiers while directing close air support strikes, despite his own wounds? SrA Zachary Rhyner
In the 1950s, the separate AF and hardware sophistication emphasized specialist who were rated as Staff sergeants and technical sergeants
a combat controller who earned 7 medals *including the Bronze Star) during his career, __ was the first Airman killed in Operation Iraqi freedom SSgt Scott Sather
What 1983 operation rescued hundreds of US citizens attending medical school in Grenada after a military coup? Operation Urgent Fury
During which year(s) was the US military's air arm called the Army Air Service 1918-1926
what 1992 operation relieved the suffering of refugees from the famine in Somalia? Operation Provide Relief
Where did warring Bosnian factions sign peace accords in December 1995? Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
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