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Final Exam

The Digestive System

Cirrhosis A liver disease which may be caused by alcohol
Jaundice yellowing of the ski & eyes
Esophagoscopy using a scope to look into the esophagus
Gastroectomy removal of all or part of the stomach
Peptic Ulcer A lesion/sore in the esophagus, stomach or duodenum
Hepatoma tumor of the liver
Cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
Cholecystogram x-ray of the gall bladder
Cholecystectomy surgically removal of the gall bladder
Colostomy surgically created opening in the colon for the passage of stool
Diverticulitis inflammation of pouches in the intestine (diverticulumn)
Gastritis inflammation of the stomach
Ileitis inflammation of the small intestine
Diarrhea frequent watery stools
Ulcerative Colitis inflammation of the colon with ulcers (sores)
Colectomy removal of the colon
Appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
Appendectomy surgical removal of the appendix
Hernia protusion of the body part through a muscle
Pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
Proctoscopy using a scope to look into the rectum
Laparoscopy using a scope to look into abdomen
Laparotomy exploratory incision to look into the abdomen
Herniorrhaphy surgical repair of a hernia
Cholelithiasis disease condition of gallstones
Gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach & intestines
Proctoscope an instrument used to look into the rectum
Gastrointestinal (GI) the body system containing the digestive organs
Lithotripsy shattering gall stones using high energy shack waves- no surgery
Chrohn's Disease a chronic inflammatory diseased of the bowel
Hepatomegaly enlarged liver
Gastrostomy an opening into the stomach for feeding
Colonoscopy a visual exam of the colon
Gastric Bypass/Bariatric Surgery A surgical procedure done for obesity in which a pouch is made on top of the stomach to decrease food intake
Created by: Karlita_Reyes