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Leslie's Study Tool2

Medical Words

erythrocytopenia decrease in the number of red blood cells
icthyoderma dry, scaly skin
audiometer instrument to measure hearing
arthrodesis surgical fixation (fusion) of a joint
tracheotomy surgical opening into the trachea
lithotripsy sound waves used to crush stones within the body
endocranium within the skull (cranium)
myonecroisis death of a muscle
osteochondritis inflammation of the bone & cartilage
dysphagia no speech
hydrocephalosis conditon of water on the brain
parathyroidectomy excision of the parathyroid
myringitis inflammation of the eardrum
tympanitis inflammation of the eardrum
nephropexy suspension of the kidney
pilopathy any disease of the hair
melanoma black tumor
rhinoplasty surgical repair of a nose defect
splenorrexis rupture of the spleen
cardiopathy disease of the heart
thoracentesis surgical puncture into the thorax (chest)
oligunia scanty urine
dermatophelbitis inflammation of the skin & veins
thrombolysis breaking down of a blod clot
primigravida first pregnancy
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
myelocele herniation of the spinal cord
anoproctoplasty surgical repair of the anus & rectum
lacrimotomy incision into the tear duct
cardiopulmary pertaining to the lungs and heart
menopause cessation of menses
atrophy without development
thromboarteritis inflammation of a blood clot in an artery
necrosis death of a tissue
onychoplasty surgical repair of a nail
valvuitis inflammation of a valve
kaluria potassium in urine
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
gastroscopy visual exam of the stomach
dextrotropic Turning to the right
audiometry measurement of hearing
myeloma tumor of the spinal cord
balanitis inflammation of the glans penis
osteoma bone tumor
mammogram x-ray of the breast
bi-lateral salpingo-oophorohysteretomy surgical removal of fallopian tubes & overies
erthrodermalgia painful red skin
leukoderma white patchy skin
vertebrectomy excision of the vertebra
costomrphic pertaining to a changing rib
osteosclerosis bone hardening
hidropenia decrease in sweat
ureterectasis streching or dilation of the ureter
hyperbilirubinemia excessive amount of bilirubin in the blood
choledocholithotomy Surgical incision into the common bile duct to remove stones
dacryitis inflammation of the tear duct
prostatectomy removal of the prostate gland
sphygmomanometer instrument for measuring blood pressure
coreoplasty surgical repair of the pupil
hyperglycemia excessive sugar in the blood
histology study of tissue
homeostasis control of same, internal balance
dyspepsia difficult (poor) digestion
hematemisis vomiting blood
sialitis inflammation of the slavary glands
chomdromalacia sofenting of a cartilage
xeroderma abnormal condition of dry skin
seborrhea discharge of sebum
phonometry instrument to measure sound (voice)
urology study of urine
diplopia double vision
pyeloureterectasis dilation of the renal pelvis and the ureter
exocrine external secretion
opthalmoscopy visual exam of the eye
hemorrhoidectomy surgical removsl of hemorrhoids
antidepressant drug used to treat depression
myoma tumor of a muscle
pancreatecomy surgical removal of the pancreas
renopulmonary pertaining to the kidney and lungs
vesiculoma tumor of the seminal vesicle
somatotropin stimulating the body
psuedoesthesia false sensation/feeling
thromboplebitis inflammation of a blood clot in a vein
arthralgia pain in a joint
arthrogram x-ray of a jiont
urethroectasis dilation of the urethra
colporrhagia vaginal hemorrhage
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
ureterostenosis narrowing of teh ureter
hypoglycemia excessive low sugar in the blood
ophthalmoplegia paralysis of the eyeball
eosinopenia low number of eosinophils
myelitis inflammation of the spinal cord
podiatrist foot specialist
phlebotomy incision into a vein
psychology study of the mind
aphagia difficult eating/swallowing
otorrhea drainage from the ear
hidropoiesis formation of sweat
aminocentesis surgical puncture into the aminonic sac to withdrawl fluid
anuria with urine
pedospasm spasm in the foot
lactopoiesis formation of milk
osteoblast embryonic cell responsible for bone formation
epirhinal pertaing to above the nose
aphonia without voice/sound
otitis inflammation of the ear
xanthoderma yellow skin
lipiduria lipids in the urine
glycogensis producing glycogen
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