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Final Exam

The Musculoskeletal System

Cervical Neck 1-7 vertebrae
Thoracic Next 12 vertebrae. Chest, cavity, curvature of the spine
Lumbar Last 5 vertebrae. Lower back
cranium The spherical structure that surrounds and protects the brain (8 bones of the head)
coccyx the tail bone
clavicle The upper and front part of the shoulder *collarbone
scapula back of the bone
femur thigh bones
patella knee cap
tibia lower weight bearing bone of lower leg *shin bone
fibula the slander smaller bone of the lower bed that attaches to the proximal end of the tibia
tarsal ankle (7)
metatarsal foot bones (5)
phalanges toe bone (14) 2 bones of the big toes & 3 on each of the other 4 toes
humerus upper arm
ulna lower arm on the little finger side
radius lower arm on the thumb side
carpals located in the wrist (8)
metacarpals palms on the hands (5)
phalanges three on each hand and 2 on the thumb (14)
Total Hip Arthroplasty Hip Replacement Surgery
Myoma Muscle tumor/swelling
Muscular Dystrophy Progressive crippling disease of the muscles
Osteoma Tumor condition / Tumor comprised of bone
Raptured disc "slapped disc" - usually in lower back (between vertebra)
Torn Ligament Tissue at a joint is stretched
Tendonitis Tendon Inflammation (attaches muscle to bone)
Mandible fracture Broken lower jaw
Chondritis Cartilage inflammation
Scoliosis Lateral curvature of spine
Arthoplasty (Plastic) repair of joint
Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation of the joint in 20-40 yrs old-fever, wt loss & stiffness of the joint
Osteoarthritis Chronic inflammation of the (wear+tear) joints in older people
Costectomy Surgical removal of the rib
Osteomyelitis Inflammation of the bone marrow
fracture broken bone
Atrophy without development (muscle disease)
cranial pertaining to the cranium
Sternal puncture insertion of a needle into the sternum to collect bone marrow
Arthogram X-ray of a joint
Laminectomy removal of the lamina-for raptured disc (vertebra)
Arthralgia pain in the joint
Craniotomy cutting into the skull (Incision)
Dystrophy bad or faulty development
Orthopedic The diagnosis & treatment of diseases of the muscles & bones or fractured to bone
Osteoporesis abnormal condition causing bones to become briddle
Created by: Karlita_Reyes