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Final Exam

The Integumentary System

Dermatitis inflammation of the skin
Carcinoma cancerous tumor
Lipoma fatty tumor
Sarcoma tumor of the connective tissue
Dermatology The study of skin disease
Cytology The study of cells
Histology The study of tissues
Pathogenic disease producing
Gangrene death of body tissue caused by a lack of blood supply
Infection invasion of the body by microorganisms which cause disease
Laceration a wound produced by tearing body tissue. *a cut in the skin
Abscess a cavity containing pus
subcutaneous 3rd layer of skin under the dermis
epidermis the outer layer of the skin
dermis the layer of the skin directly below the epidermis
Burns: 1st degree 2nd degree 3rd degree 1st damage to epidermis 2nd epidermis & dermis 3rd damages all 3 skin layer, but no pain in nerves endings are damaged
Cancer Unregulated new growth of abnormal cells
Decubitis Ulcer bedsore or pressure sore
Visceral pertaining to the internal organs
Carcinogenic cancer producing
Oncology The study of cancer
abrasion injury caused by rubbing or scraping the skin
transdermal on or across the skin
Created by: Karlita_Reyes