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Eye, ear, muscle

Biceps femoris – upper leg on back of thigh, on the outside
Gastrocnemius calf muscle
Gracilis – inseam – inside of leg
Rectus femoris – connects to patella, down front of leg
Semimembraneosus – underneath semitendinosus small muscle between the bicep femoris and semitendinosus
Semitendinosus – next to bicep toward inside on back of thigh; inside by bicep femoris
Soleus – on the big toe side, under Achilles tendon;
Vastus lateralis – opposite of medialis; outside of leg, side of patella – Rectus femoris splits the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis
Vastus medialis – big muscle that runs down to knee on big toe side
Gluteus Maximus – butt cheek
Gluteus Medius – goes toward hip; outside of hip
Gluteus Minimus – inside of hip, toward butt crack
Bicep brachii – upper muscle on the arm - top
Brachialis – between the bicept and tricept brachii in arm
Deltoid – Shoulder muscle, top part
Tricept brachii – back of arm
External Abdominal Obliques – muscle on the side coming into the 6-pack
Pectoralis major – chest muscle
Pectoralis minor – connects to top of ribs; underneath pectoralis major
Rectus abdominis – 6-pack
Latissimus dorsi – mid/lower back – below/under the trapezius
Trapezius – triangular muscles on the back, starts at the base of neck
Buccinators – goes to the corners of the mouth
Masseter – jaw, starts under the cheek to the lower jaw; allows jaw to move up and down
Orbicularis oculi – muscle that goes around the eye
Orbicularis oris – muscle that goes around the lips
Sternocleidomastoid – starts at sternum and clavicle, stops behind the ear
Temporalis muscle – temple
Ball and socket – hip and shoulder
Hinge – knee and elbow
Gliding – hand
Pivot – neck
Saddle – thumb
Condyloid – between tarsal
Aqueous humor – liquid area between the cornea and iris
Cornea – clear piece on front
Fovea – small yellow dot inside eye on back of retina
Iris – colored part
Lacrimal gland – big orange thing on side
Lens – looks like a lens
Pupil – hole
Retina – inside back wall of eye
Sclera – white part
Vitreous humor – big clear ball
Optic nerve – big white piece out of the back of the vitreous humor
Auricle (pinna) – outside of ear – the part you get pierced
Cochlea – looks like a small snail shell
Estuation tubes – from the throat into back of the ear
External auditory meatus (acoustic) – hole running into the ear
Incus – has a point – 2nd hearing bone
Malleus – 1st hearing bone
Semicircular canal – tubes on the bones, 2 is clear and 1 is not
Stapes – 3rd hearing bone – looks like stirrups on a horse saddle
Tympanic membrane – clear piece, eardrum
Vestibule – between the semicircular canal and the cochlea
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