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tachycardia fast heart beat
bradycardia slow heart beat
hypertension greater then 140/90
extrasystole premature heart beat
murmur abnormal sound
arrhythmia abnormal rhythmn of heart beat
what the signs and symptoms of ischemia chest pain, claudication, pain
infarction heart attack
aneurysm widening of artery
patent open
occlusion blocked
stenosis narrowing,stiff
fibrillation rapid random rhythm
sinus rhythm normal rhythm
thrombus stationary blood clot
embolus moving blood clot
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
orthostatic hypotension blood pressure drops when standing up
claudication leg pain from ischemia
has several baroreceptors aorta/cortited
the aorta has several baroreceptors near the H cardiac muscle
CHF contraindicated
MVP indicated
valvular stenosis contraindicated
reynauds disease indicated if not in attack
arteriosclerosis if controlled indicated
atherosclerosis if controlled indicated
CABG if stable indicated
ASD contraindicated
MI if doctor allows
endocarditis contraindicated
pericarditis contraindicated
pulmonary embolism contraindicated
venous insufficiency indicated- not sufficient blood
arterial insufficiency contraindicated
echocardiogram ultrasound of heart
pacemaker implants regulates heart beat
ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator
lipoprotein electrophoresis lipid blood test
valvuoplasty repair of valves (balloon)
serum cardiac enzymes released from damaged cardiac muscle cells
treadmill stress test EKG done with exercise
nitroglycerine causes vasodilation
anti-coagulants reduces blood clots
vasodilators makes vessel bigger
beta blocker used for blood pressure
diuretic make you pee
Created by: marlenasokana