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Ch3 Medieval Chruch

Medieval vocab, chapter 3. The role of the Roman Catholic Church.

persecute To harm a person because of his or her beliefs
monastery A building which people who put their life for service and prayers called monks.
monk A person who has vowed to his life to provide service to and to devote to prayer.
clergy A church hierarchy with the pope and below that is cardinals. Then archbishops which ruled archdioceses. Then were bishops which ruled dioceses. Then was the priest ruled the parish. This was how the Roman Catholic Church was organized.
excommunicate A formal ban from a church.
sacrament A rite that the Christians believed that God gave them grace.
pilgrimage A trip on foot to a religious place as an act of devotion, penance, or hopes of being cured.
relic Object thought to be holy from experiences with holy people.
convent A large community of nuns.
nun A woman who has given her life to serve the church through a holy oath, also to be like the church.
rhetoric The study of convincing language.
theology The study of the religious belief/truth of God.
natural law A concept that says that an guide is built into nature to help people think logically.
monasticism A way of life where people devote themselves to their faith.
religious order A "family" of either monks, nuns, or friars in a religious group.
friar Religious members of a group who teaches and works for charity.
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