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JRA JC Vocab

Julius Caesar Vocab

adj. abjectly submissive; slavish; of or suitable to a slave or servant; of or relating to servitude or forced labor. servile
DPOS for servile. n. servility
Antonyms for servile. dominant, oppressive
adj. incapable of or not producing offspring; lacking vegetation, especially important and useful vegetation; lacking liveliness. barren
DPOS for barren. n. barrenness
Antonyms for barren. lush, fertile, plentiful, abundant
v. to be in the way of; to obstruct or delay the progress of. hinder
DPOS for hinder. n. hindrance
Antonyms for hinder. to assist, to aid, to help progress
n. facial features; appearance, especially expression of the face. countenance
DPOS for countenance. NONE
Antonyms for countenance. NONE
v. to interpret; to adduce or explain the meaning of. construe
DPOS for construe. NONE
Antonyms for construe. misconstrue
n. deep thought. cogitation
DPOS for cogitation. v. cogitate; adj. cogitative
Antonyms for cogitation. NONE
v. to exhibit affection or attempt to please, as a dog does; to seek favor or attention by flattery and servile behavior. (followed by "over") fawn
DPOS for fawn. adj. fawning
Antonyms for fawn. to ignore, to despise, to abhor
v. to bestow or grant a share of; to make known; to disclose. impart
DPOS for impart. NONE
Antonyms for impart. to shroud, to veil, to keep secret, to withhold
adj. not caring one way or the other; characterized by a lack of partiality; unbiased; not mattering one way or another; neutral. indifferent
DPOS for indifferent. n. indifference; adv. indifferently
Antonyms for indifferent. partial, biased, prejudiced
v. to straddle; to tower over; to dominate by position. bestride
DPOS for bestride. NONE
Antonyms for bestride. NONE
v. to make an earnest request of; to petition for. entreat
DPOS for entreat. n. entreaty
Antonyms for entreat. NONE
n. a small crown, usually worn by princesses and princes. coronet
DPOS for coronet. NONE
Antonyms for coronet. NONE
n. a scoundrel or rascal; a deceitful, unreliable person; a wandering beggar. rogue
DPOS for rogue. adj. roguish; adv. roguishly
Antonyms for rogue. angel, saint, good person
n. a bodily ailment or weakness, especially brought on by old age; frailty or feebleness. infirmity
DPOS for infirmity. adj. infirm
Antonyms for infirmity. wellness, health, mettle, strength, power, force
n. a violent windstorm, usually accompanied by rain, snow, or hail. tempest
DPOS for tempest. adj. tempestuous; adv. tempestuously
Antonyms for tempest. calmness, peace
v. to raise in rank, character, or status; to elevate; to glorify, praise, or honor. exalt
DPOS for exalt. n. exaltation; adj. exalted
Antonyms for exalt. to demote, to demean, to dishonor
n. a heated, often violent dissension; bitter conflict; a struggle, fight, or quarrel. strife
DPOS for strife. NONE
Antonyms for strife. agreement, acquiescence, peace, assent
v. to cause to be extremely angry; to infuriate. incense
DPOS for incense. adj. incensed
Antonyms for incense. to calm, to pacify, to assuage, to soothe
adj. full of unspecifiable significance, exciting wonder or awe. portentous
DPOS for portentous. n. portent; n. portentousness
Antonyms for portentous. meaningless, insignificant, trivial, immaterial
n. a possible danger; a threat; a troublesome or annoying person. menace
DPOS for menace. v. menace; adj. menacing
Antonyms for menace. aid, helpful person
adj. dangerous. perilous
DPOS for perilous. n. peril; adv. perilously
Antonyms for perilous. safe, secure
v. to put into or introduce as by pouring; to fill or cause to be filled by something. infuse
DPOS for infuse. n. infusion
Antonyms for infuse. to empty, to defuse
adj. impressively great in size, amount, or extent; enormous; extra ordinary; marvelous. prodigious
DPOS for prodigious. n. prodigiousness; adv. prodigiously
adj. of, relating to, produced by, or characterized by internal dissension. factious
DPOS for factious. n. factiousness; adv. factiously
Antonyms for prodigious. small, insignificant, unremarkable, ordinary, diminuitive
Antonyms for factious. acquiescent, agreeable, cooperative
v. to remedy or rectify; to set right. redress
DPOS for redress. NONE
Antonyms for redress. to make worse, to mess up, to ruin, to complicate
n. a small, very slender candle; a source of feeble light. taper
DPOS for taper. NONE
Antonyms for taper. NONE
v. to make greater in size, extent, or quantity. augment
DPOS for augment. n. augmentation
Antonyms for augment. to decrease, to make smaller
n. courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery. valor
DPOS for valor. adj. valorous; adj. valiant
Antonyms for valor. cowardice
adj. disagreeably damp and humid. dank
DPOS for dank. n. dankness
Antonyms for dank. arid, dry, pleasant
adj. rosy; having a healthy, reddish color. ruddy
DPOS for ruddy. n. ruddiness
Antonyms for ruddy. pale, sickly, sallow
adj. about to occur; impending. imminent
DPOS for imminent. n. imminence; adv. imminently
Antonyms for imminent. delayed, postponed, respited
n. conscious knowledge or recognition; awareness. cognizance
DPOS for cognizance. adj. cognizant
Antonyms for cognizance. lack of awareness, oblivion
n. a chill or fit of shivering; a fever. ague
DPOS for ague. NONE
Antonyms for ague. health, wellness
n. an effort or ambition to equal or surpass another; an imitation of another. (done in honor) emulation
DPOS for emulation. v. emulate; adj. emulating
Antonyms for emulation. NONE
adj. powerful; mighty. puissant
DPOS for puissant. n. puissance
Antonyms for puissant. feeble, weak, frail
n. the vault or expanse of the heavens; the sky. firmament
DPOS for firmament. NONE
Antonyms for firmament. NONE
adj. anxious or fearful about the future; uneasy. apprehensive
DPOS for apprehensive. n. apprehension; n. apprehensiveness
Antonyms for apprehensive. calm, confident, secure
v. to put up with; to go along with; to tolerate. (followed with "by") abide
DPOS for abide. NONE
Antonyms for abide. to rebel against, to go against
v. to make oneself bow or kneel down in humility or admiration; to lie down at full length. prostrate
DPOS for prostrate. n. prostration; adj. prostrating/ed
Antonyms for prostrate. NONE
adj. exactly suitable; appropriate; having a natural tendency; inclined; quick to learn or understand. apt
DPOS for apt. n. aptitude; adv. aptly
Antonyms for apt. inept, inappropriate, unskilled
n. a desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite. malice
DPOS for malice. adj. malicious; adv. maliciously
Antonyms for malice. beneficence, goodness, kindness, benevolence
n. respect; an act of respect; a feeling of profound awe, respect, and often love; honor. reverence
DPOS for reverence. adj. reverent; v. revere
Antonyms for reverence. disrespect, disparagement
n. a verbal exchange; a conversation; verbal expression in speech or writing. discourse
DPOS for discourse. v. discourse
Antonyms for discourse. NONE
v. to place in a grave or tomb; to bury. (double "r" with v. endings) inter
DPOS for inter. n. interment
Antonyms for inter. to exhume, to resurrect
adj. causing pain, grief, or hurt; serious; dire or grave. grievous
DPOS for grievous. n. grievousness
Antonyms for grievous. benign, beneficial
v. to overcome or subdue; to defeat or conquer in battle. vanquish
DPOS for vanquish. n. vanquishment; adj. vanquished
Antonyms for vanquish. to be conquered
n. a polite expression or greeting of good will. salutation
DPOS for salutation. NONE
Antonyms for salutation. NONE
adj. loathsome; disgusting; unpleasant; contemptibly low in worth. vile
DPOS for vile. n. vileness
Antonyms for vile. wonderful, pleasant
adj. excessively desirous of the possessions of another; extremely jealous. covetous
DPOS for covetous. n. covetousness; v. covet
Antonyms for covetous. generous, giving, philanthropic
n. a specter; a ghost-like figure; a ghost. apparition
DPOS for apparition. NONE
Antonyms for apparition. NONE
Created by: GrkMytho600