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What are the gametes produced in the female reproductive system? ova
What are the female gonads? ovaries
The ovary produces _______, ___________, and _____. estrogen, progesterone, and ova
The vulva, Bartholin's glands, and uterus are some of the _________ ________ of the female reproductive system. accessory organs
A newborn baby girl has how many ovarian follicles? 1 million
At puberty, ovarian follicles are now called what? primary follicles
What is a mature ovum in its sac? graafian follicle
After the primary follicle ruptures, it transforms into a hormone-secreting structure called the ________ _________. corpus luteum
What is the production of female gametes called? oogenesis
As a result of meiosis in oogenesis, how many chromosomes are left? 23 (half)
Oogenesis produces one large ovum and small daughter cells called _______ ________. polar bodies
The corpus luteum secretes mainly ________, but also _______. progesterone, estrogen
Which hormone initiates the menstrual cycle in girls entering puberty? progesterone
Which hormone causes development of breasts and appearance of pubic hair? estrogen
What are the fringelike projections on the ends of the fallopian tube? fimbrae
The upper part of the uterus is the _____, and the lower, narrow part is the ______. body, cervix
What is the bulging prominence of the uterus? fundus
The mucous membrane linign of the uterus called the _________ sheds during menstruation. endometrium
What are the glands next to the vaginal outlet that secrete a mucus-like lubricating fluid? Bartholin's glands
________ ducts drain the alveoli and carry milk to the nipple. Lactiferous
What is the skin covered pad of fat over the sumphysis pubis? mons pubis
What is the first menstrual cycle called? menarche
Where does fertilization occur? Fallopian tube
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