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Endocrine glands secrete what into the blood? chemicals (hormones)
What general functions do hormones perform? communication and control
cells acted on by hormones are called? target cells
organs containing target target organs
nonsteroid hormones first messengers
Hormone secretion is controlled by? homeostatic feedback
negative feedback mechanisms that reverse the direction of a change in a physiological system
positive feedback (uncommon) mechanisms that amplify physiological changes
Prostaglandins are powerful substances found in a wide variety of body tissue
TSH stimulates growth of the thyroid gland
ACTH Stimulates growth of the adrenal cortex and stimulates it to secrete glococortioids
FSH initiates growth of ovarian follicles each month in the ovary and stimulates one or more follicles to develop to the stage of maturity and ovulation
LH acts with FSH to stimulate estrogen secretion and follicle growth to maturity
GH Stimulate growth by accelerating protein anabolism
PRL or lactogenic hormone Stimulates breast development during pregnancy and secretion of milk after the delivery of the baby
ADH accelerates water reabsorption from urine in the kidney tubules into the blood thereby decreasing urine secretion
Oxytocin (OT) stimulates the pregnant uterus to contract
What secrets Glucagon alpha cells
What secrets Insulin beta cells
Anterior pituitary gland Adenohypophysis
Posterior pituitary gland neurophypophysis
Where is the thymus located mediastinum
example of positive feedback labor
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