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What are the gametes of males and females? Male-Sperm Female-Ova
One sperm cell and one ovum come together during fertilization to produce a cell called ________. Zygote
The essential organs of reproduction in men and women are called the ____________. Gonads
What are the gonads in males? In females? Male-Testes Female-Ovaries
Sperm production is called _____________. Spermatogenesis
List three of testosterone's functions. 1. Masculinization 2. Promotion and Maintenance of accessory glands 3. Muscular development and strength
The term _____________, or seminal fluid, is used to describe the mixture of sex cells, or sperm, is produced by the testes and the secretions of the acccessory, or supportive, sex glands. semen
What is the order in which the sperm exits the body? Epididymis, ductus (vas) deferens, ejaculatory duct, urethra.
What amount of semen is ejaculated at one time? 3 to 5 mL (about 1 teaspoon)
The paired _________ ___________ are pouchlike glands that contribute about 60% of the seminal fluid volume. They also provide a source of energy for the highly motile sperm. seminal vessicles
The ____________ secretes a thin, milk-colored, fluid that constitutes about 30% of the total seminal fluid volume. Prostate
The ___________ glands (cowper's glands) serve two protective functions: 1. neutralize residue of sperm 2. lubricate urethra Bulbourthral glands
Ovaries produce the female sex cells. or ova, and the hormones _________ and _____________. Estrogen and Progesterone
The production of female sex cells is called __________. Oogenesis
The two _________ ________ serve as ducts for the ovaries, even though they are not attached to them. uterine tubes fallopian tubes oviducts
The outer end of each oviduct terminates in an expanded, funnel-shaped structure that has fringe-like projections called __________. Fimbrae
What is the vaginal orifice? Vestibule
The first menses, or menstrual flow, is referred to as the ________. Menarche
The three periods of time in each menstrual cycle are called the __________, _________________, and _______________. 1. Menses 2. Proliferative Phase 3. Secretory Phase
The ____________ phase begins after the menstrual flow ends and lasts until ovulation. Proliferative Phase
The ___________ phase begins at ovulation and lasts until the next menses begins. Secretory Phase
During the __________ phase, the uterine lining reaches its greatest thickness and the ovary secretes its highest levels of progesterone. Secretory Phase
During the _________ phase, the follicles mature, the uterine lining thickens, and estrogen secretion increases to its highest level. Proliferative Phase
In a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs around day __ of the cycle. day 14
What is the "ovulating hormone"? Leutinizing Hormone (LH)
What causes menstruation? A sudden, sharp decrease in estrogen and progesterone secretion
Ovulation is caused by the combined actions of _____ and ___. FSH and LH
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