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Everything you never cared about the gallbladder

Gallbladder holds this much bile 50 cc
The gallbladder is this long 10 - 12 cm in adults
What series of ducts connects the gallbladder to the duodenum from gallbladder to cystic duct to common bile duct to duodenum
Besides the cystic duct, what other duct connects to the common bile duct? The hepatic duct from the liver
The common bile duct connects with what other duct to form the ampulla of vater? The pancreatic duct
When is bile released? When food containing fat is eaten and enters the digestive tract
What secretion in the small intestine causes the release of bile? Cholecystokinin is released when fatty foods are entered into the small intestine, which causes bile to be released.
When bile is stored in the gallbladder, it becomes more concentrated than the bile that is just released by the liver
cholestasis is what? Where bile is blocked from releasing into the small intestine
What two things can cause cholestasis? Gallstones or malignancy
cholestasis can cause what? Jaundice due to an elevated bilirubin level
What are some s/s of cholestasis? Biliary pain, px in shoulders, back, vomiting, diarrhea, onset after eating fatty foods.
What percent of peeps get gallstones? 25 percent
What is cholecystitis? Inflammation of the gallbladder, caused by an obstruction in the cystic duct or common bile duct usually from gallstones
What is gallstone illeus? When large stones pass into the bowel, and cause obstructions in narrow points, such as the illeocecal valve or the treitz ligament
Cancer of the gallbladder kills how many peeps? 90 percent of patients with the disease, although it is rare
What contributes to gallbladder cancer? Alcohol, cigarettes, estrogen, and obesity
What can indicate gallbladder cancer? Polyps of the gallbladder
What size gallbladder polyp poses little risk? <10mm
What size polyp pozes a great risk for cancer in the gallbladder >15mm
What artery feeds the gallbladder? Cystic artery, which branches off the hepatic artery
What vein drains the gallbladder? Cystic vein
What nerve feeds the gallbladder? The celiac ganglion portion of the Vagus
Created by: The_Good_Mista