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Ch.3 Vocab

Vocab QuestionsAnswer
Persecute to cause a person to suffer of his or her beliefs
Monastery a place where monks live together and hospitality to refugees and travelers
Monk someone who commits there life to play and serve in the monastery
Clergy a system in which all members of the group has a rank
Excommunicate to be exiled from church
Sacrament sacred rites that Christians believed brought them grace, or the blessing of god
Pilgrimage a journey that the pilgrims used to help go on to visit holy sites such as Jerusalem and Rome
Relic an object that was considered "holy", that was toughed or used by a saint, or a holy person
Convent a community of nuns
Nun a women who has taken a sacred vow to devote her life to prayer and service to the church
Rhetoric the study of persuasive writing and speaking
Theology the study of god and religious truth
Natural Law the concept that there is a universal order built into nature that can guide moral thinking
Monasticism a way of life in which men and women withdraw from the rest of the world in order to devote themselves to their faith
Religious Order a brotherhood or sisterhood of monks, nuns, or frairs
Frair a member of a certain religious order devoted to teaching and works of charity
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