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Amer Govt Unit 3 NU

Macgruder's American Government

Speaker of the House This person is in charge of the House
Majority Leader The person in the Senate with the most authority is
Select committees These committees are created for a specific purpose and a limited period
appropriation Money that is set aside for a specific purpose is called
Pigeonholing trying to kill a bill by refusing to pass it out of committee is called
Private bills a bill that deals with individual citizens is called a
Joint resolution A resolution that is passed by both houses and signed by the President is known as a
Standing committee After a law is proposed it then goes to
Filibustering This is trying to talk so that a vote can not be taken
a rider an amendment that has nothing to do with the bill to which it is added is known as
Special session Only the president can call for this after congress has adjourned
reciprocity exchanging one political favor for another is know as
Two members of the house serve for how many years
100 There are two senators from each state. How many senators do we have?
State Legislatures Who creates congressional districts
25 How old do you need to be to be in the house of representatives
Franking privilege Free postal service is know as
impeachment The power to bring criminal charges against a federal official is known as
reapportionment redistribution of House seats among the states after a census is
Congressional immunity This gives members of congress the right not to be arrested while attending or traveling to or from legislative sessions
incumbent term for an officeholder is an
patent The exclusive right to produce, sell, or use an invention is a
Censure When a house of Congress officially declaring disapproval of one of its members it is called
Whip They try to make people follow party lines
at large district this type of district is when the representative is chosen from the State as a whole
necessary and proper clause The elastic clause is also know as the
expressed The power to raise an army and navy is known as this power
What has been the leading reason for the expulsion of senators? supporting secession
Which states were in favor of the representation that was set up in the Senate? States with smaller populations
When can the President prorogue a session of Congress? when the two houses disagree on when to end a session
Typical members of the House of Representatives have served how many terms? four
Senators may be elected to how many terms? innumerable
What was one bad result of having state legislatures elect senators? The votes of state legislators were purchased.
Which of the following is NOT a type of voting option for members of Congress? bureaucratic voting
Who is responsible for drawing congressional districts? State legislatures
The House can refuse to seat newly elected members by a simple majority vote.
Which of the following is NOT a qualification for House membership? must have been born in the United States
When the Constitution established a bicameral legislature, what did it NOT use as a model? the state legislatures of Georgia and Pennsylvania
A member of Congress who votes according to the way he or she thinks the majority of the State's voters would vote is known as a delegate.
According to the Constitution, which of the following is NOT a requirement for a senator? must have served in the State legislature
Why were at-large elections for House members unfair? The party with the majority of voters won all of the seats.
What has helped the gerrymandering process the most in recent history? computer-driven map-making
Which of the following is NOT one of the five major roles of members of Congress? partisan
Congressional pay is determined by Congress.
How long was a typical Congressional session before World War II? four or five months
Which of the following was NOT a reason for moving up the start date for a term of Congress? The President had too much power when the Congress was not in session.
What is the benefit to the nation of senators' six-year terms? Longer terms allow senators to make decisions based on what they think is right, rather than reacting to public opinion.
How must all major appointments made by the President be confirmed? by the Senate with a majority vote
The unwritten rule of "senatorial courtesy" applies to what appointments? U.S. Attorneys
Strict constructionists Strict constructionists want the States to keep as much power as possible.
Before the Constitution was in effect, how did the Federal Government get its money? by asking each of the States for money
What are the expressed powers of the Constitution? the powers spelled out explicitily
How long does a copyright last? seventy years after the death of the copyright holder
The Federalists may be described as liberal constructionists.
Which of the following is an example of an indirect tax? an import tax that translates to higher prices at a retail store
Upon what clause in the Constitution are the implied powers of Congress based? the Necessary and Proper Clause
Which of the following was NOT a reason for granting Congress the currency power in the Constitution? There was no U.S. currency in circulation.
The first national notes of currency were knows as Greenbacks.
In the early years of the Republic, who was the leader of the Anti-Federalists? Thomas Jefferson
In terms of foreign affairs, only Congress may declare war.
A general agreement is called a(n) consensus.
Which two Presidents have been impeached? Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
In what area does the National Government have the greatest power? foreign affairs
The Supreme Court Case of United States v. Lopez found that there was no connection between the commerce power of Congress and what? guns at school
What are the requirements for impeachment? a majority vote in the house and a two-thirds majority in the Senate
Which of the following was NOT a reason for the House Judiciary Committee's vote for impeachment against President Nixon? Which of the following is NOT an example of an implied power of Congress?
Who leads the Senate in the absence of the Vice President? the president pro tempore
Who assigns the various bills to committees in the House? the Speaker
Cloture is used to avoid a(n) filibuster.
Ho many readings is a bill given before it is passed in either house? three
What is one way that the rules of the Senate differ from the rule of the House? During debate, Senators may speak as long as they wish.
What is the main purpose of the party caucus? party organization
What type of a committee investigated the Iran-Contra affair? a select committee
Which of the following is NOT an option for the President when presented with a bill? approving only part of it
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