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Civics 15-19

RCHS Civics chapters 15-19

How many constitutional amendments are there? 27
How many C.A.'s have been voted on? 33
What % of states have to ratify a C.A.? 3/4
What are the six types of C.A.'s ? Bill of Rights, Fundamental changes, Suffrage,Overturning Supreme Court decisions, refinements, and Morality (MORE FB)
Bill of Rights: how many were proposed by the House, and how many did the Senate approve and send to the states ? 17/12 (10 were ratified)
What is the power to declare what the constitution means called ? Judicial Review
which early President declared that he wouldn't enforce the Supreme Court decisions ? Andrew Jackson
What law passed in 1798 that allowed the president to deport aliens if he found them dangerous ? The Alien Act
what law in 1798 made it a crime for editors, writers, or speakers to attack the government? The Sedition Act
What year's election was see as a 'Revolution'? 1800
Why was the election of Thomas Jefferson a "Revolution"? First time a government got new control without an overthrow
what party was Jefferson ? (what party was his opponent?) Jefferson was Republican; John Adams was Federalist
How did the Electoral College vote of 1800 come out (who won the Electoral vote?) Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied
Who decided the election of 1800? House of Reps
How did the election of 1800 help establish political parties? The 12th amendment (passed after that election) set up the concept of a 'ticket'
what is the support, often financial, given to a person or institution to a person, group, or other institution called? Patronage
How is patronage used by presidents? He appoints those of his political parties to various jobs and offices
What is the name given to the priorities and policies of a political party? Their Platform
How many state seceded 1860-1861 ? 11
What were the people who were against slavery called? Abolistionists
What did the Northwest Ordinance say about slavery ? It banned slavery in the territory
what was the Missouri compromise? Missouri would be a slave state but all other parts of the Louisiana purchase would be open to slavery only if they lay south of MO's southern border
What was the most important (and controversial) supreme court decisions before the civil war? Dred Scott vs. Sandford
How did the supreme court rule in the Dred Scott Case? Against him ! (African Americans can't be citizens, natn'l govt can't exclude slavery from territories, and the 5th amendment protects property rights of slaveowners
What was the 'country' started by the seceeded states called? The Confederate States of America
What 4 'border states' were in the union but still had slavery? DE,KY,MD,MO (and WV broke away from VA)
What was Abraham Lincoln's declaration that freed the slaves in the 11 CSA states called? The Emancipation Proclamation?
What did the Emancipation Proclamation NOT do? Free the slaves in the border states
Which amendment abolished Slavery? 13th
Which amendment effectively negated Dred Scott? 14th (by defining a citizen)
Besides defining citizenship, what did the 14th amendment state? Due process and equal protection
What did the 15th amendment deal with ? right to vote couldn't be denied based on race color, or status as a former slave
How did southern states get around the 15th amendment (voting) Poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses
Created by: JoeBounda